Monday, September 16, 2013

For The Love of Nail Polish

Ever since i became a little vain, i started putting colors on my nails and sometimes it became a habit and addiction already that a month won't pass without having my manicure, pedicure and change of nail polish. I can go for any brand and any color for as long as i love wearing it. But there are times that i have preference on the color like dark shades and brands i mostly settle with for the longevity or the polish.

I just love wearing SanSan nail polish these days because of its sticky and quality shades. It offers a nice combination on your nails and of course it lasts for as long as you want. I have few polish in my kit and i love collecting few colors especially those that offers great shades to my nails. I usually change polish whenever i want and whenev i got tired of my shades. 

What i love about SanSan is it'ssticky appeal of mixture. Unlike othe polish that is watery like, this nail polish is really worth of the price you're paying. They also have a unique shades to choose from and of course it's vibrant appeal to your nails is simply irressitible.