Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is Today a Lucky Day?

Ive seen few chinese dance on streets when i went out, they were outside of a Chinese Store with the dragon dance and dressed in a very red fancy dress, Ive thought it was a Chinese New Year coz the dances are for New Year but im bet i was wrong, its the date today i guess. Its 10-10-10. So whats with the date? is there any supresticious beliefs associated with this day? Is these a lucky day for us? or just lucky to those who makes themselves lucky. Though i do believe in lucky charms but at the end of the day there isnt no thing as "lucky" its how we workd things out to have good charms in our life.
Nonetheless, Incidentally this year, October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. It happens once in 823 years

Press Release Centre

News is one most important aspect of life, we need to be updated and we need to know the latest development may it be in politics, inventions and even showbiz just to while away our time. Normaly we get these news through newspapapers and through online websites but as they say we should always be careful of our sources and not just believe in the paper that we read. If you are looking for a page where you can get directly new press releases and you be guaranteed of the credibility then you should add to your browser 'press release distribution'- this is an online press release distribution service, where it allows your to get the hottest and freshest news ever in all fields.
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Krispy Kreme Doughnut

This is the most expensive doughnut i ever tasted but its worth of your penny. It tastes incredibly great than your usual doughnuts. My brother bought from Manila 5 boxes of doughnuts and it costs him nearly 3k. Isnt it really so expensive? but its all worth it, the taste is really so different and i really love it. I dont think its available in my place coz i really want to bought some for my family. I remembered last year, our auditor whom i was so closed at bought a Krespy kreme doughnut all the way from Manila and when he arrived in Ormoc, the box was already not in good form but still i was grateful, he was the closest auditor ever and sweet too. That was the first time i tasted Krispy Kreme and i discovered in my life that theres this expensive doughnut ever in this country.