Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Perfect Money Bond


When we go to banks we could normally see how those bundles of money is bond with rubber bands or money clip. While some financial institutions used a small paper with a corresponding logo on it. Its indeed helpful if the money is clipped with a stylish sheet or with something that will make it pleasing to the eyes. I mean of it being clean, safe and properly organized. Money clips are indeed essential so i urge you to get a Rollknot for money clipping purposes. This kind of money clip is perfect for people who are fond of playing poker and is useful at casinos. Bar staff, waiters and other gaming institutions should have this kind of money bond too. You can choose a variety of designs and colors. For orders and further inquiries, you can just head on to their FaceBook account.

A Spoiler

...thats my hubby. Just went home after a tiring shopaholic day. Indeed, i was pleased to get the things that satisfy my eyes. Maybe if money is no object then i think i can shop the entire mall. Well, woman has always the passion for clothes and shoes, right? Also, having financial freedom lets you enjoy the things you want to do. I am just thankful i have a hubby who is super supportive. Thank you hon for tolerating me. (wink). Tomorrow is a start of a busy week again. Sometimes i get tired of going to work but i knew i should never tolerate those lazy butt. Need to be super hardworking. On the other end, my other boss from the writers circle needs my vacant schedule. We will have a video conference together with the rest of the guys, we have a new project coming and i hope i could really have enough time and energy to attend to all my schedules ad work matters. Im already sleepy after few hours of walking and malling but i will wait first my hubby's call. Well, good night guys.