Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Help with Frustrations

Hayst, i couldn't understand why some people are bitter or some has frustrations in their life. While some just couldn't recover from insecurity or other stuff from their heart. I wish they can just moved on instead of ranting about their life or minding other people's life. Its no surprising, these people are less busy with their life that their little pleasure is minding others life. I do hope that when they mind others life that they will feel fulfilled and delighted coz if that sense then its just fine to continue their pastime. Well, that's life in the province because of upsurge unemployment rate that people have no other business but update their neighbors life. As for me, i actually just don't care whatever they think, talk or gossips. In the first place, they're not on our shoe and they don't know whats really happening. For quite some time, i am getting used to with their respective attitudes and by now i am less affected because i know from our heart where we stand. I have great family and i cant ask for more.

My ultimate resort is getting busy with work and online tasks. I knew i have so many things to do in my life and debt to fix. WE're not rich and its hard to pretend to be rich so i need to be just true to myself where i really belong.

Thanks Hon

I am so happy today and thanks again to my ever dearest love for fixing up things for me. I am really forever indebted to you. Although, i don't want him to feel that i am dependent to him yet he would always get mad whenever i would not tell him if i have problems on my finances. He asked me to be always open to him whenever i need some help on money. I'm so lucky to have him really. There are just times that he would just want me to have some fun or treat myself because he knew i am stressed from work. Yay, i don't want to preempt our plans because i don't want to feel frustrated. Much that i just kept it a secret about some properties that we just recently purchased. Sometimes, its better to be humble but feel secured than to be boastful but as always be frustrated. Just always keep that in mind guys. Have a great day.