Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Know No Reason

Hmmm, i dont know how to start this post actually, all i knew i need to say something or if i can shout i wanted to shout to the whole world how im so lucky for having had a man who adores me unconditionally. It had been few days that he was a bit busy fixing out some work matters. I was kinda stressed because i am used in all his attentions but then later on i realised, i should extend my belt on him because he does so much on me that i cant even repay even just an inch of his goodness. Im on my way to my place, when i just had this thought about him. Im thinking about the past experiences and some foolishness ive done in the name of love only to find out that ive been fighting for the wrong reason. Now, that im certainly sure that i am battling for a man i least expect to complete the puzzle, i dont think i would slip this chance of taking good care of him to the fullest. I always tells him that i cant promise for a journey just filled with laughter but i can promise for a commitment and love for him alone.

Having him in my life is the best gift i ever had and i dont wish for anything anymore this Christmas. I think i had enough and im so much blessed. If there will be some surprises that will come along, it will just be an add on bonus. I already had my Christmas long way before, packed and sealed with a kiss. I just want to thank God for really giving me so much more than i ever expected this year. There are lots of things we both look forward to and its always my prayer that we will be given the right direction to realize all our plans. But one is certain, he will be spending a month long vacation and im so excited planning out things for us.. Cant wait...

We Ate, We Laugh and We had Fun

What a great day for me. We went out with a foremer collegue and had just fun. He had a new wheels so he opt to give me a hop and i kinda liked it. We just had coffee at Bo's and chitchat to death. Its kinda good bonding with this close friend again despite his married status. Why? Is there something wrong bonding with a married man? Perhaps, for close minded people but for us we knew where we stands in each others life that why we have this solid friendship. This former office mate is also a friend of a hubby so when the latter visited Cebu, he was the first one to encourage me to meet him and get along with him. True indeed, things went well the way he foreseen. We had reminisce a lot of wonderful moments together. For the information, when i was still assigned on the other location. He was my best buddy. We went out for drinking session, eating session and karaoke session. He became my assistant too when my first car was released. He was the one who taught how to manuever my wheels and the closest office guy ever. His apartment is just adjacent with my apartment too so whenever i cook or i take out food, he will always have a share. Ohh, how i missed those times. Now, were thinking of going out with the rest of the group. Lets see.

On the lighter side, i had my first batch of Christmas shopping and im already exhausted. I dont have much time really because of some work schedule so today i opt to roam around and buy the first batch of my gift recipients. Im so thankful to my honey for being the best man ever. Until then guys...