Monday, July 13, 2009

Configure my layout, Anyone?

Does anyone here know how to configure html? my god i am really having problem changing the layout of my blogger skin, at the same time i want to save my old template like my links, widgets and all that, but its always an error, i dont know why, well im not a computer wizard but then i tend to follow all instuctions for the lay-out itself but its no avail, hayyyzt, life of a blogger.

Goodbye Old Template

When i encountered problem on bandwith i immediately decided to change the layout of my blog, thu i did not like my template now, i dont have a choice but to install it coz my old template exceeded its bandwith, anyway after quite some stime i decided to look for pink lay-out, and at last ive found one courtesy of free blogger skins. Thanks anyway, im giving you the credit.