Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tips for a Happy Relationship

Its a fact that all individuals and couples wants their relationship to be nearly perfect if not that perfect. We all try and do things to make our significant other feel if she/he is the most important person in this world. well, i am sharing some tips for you, to attain a happy relationship:
1. Keep a lightmood in a relationship
- as everyone is telling us, the relationship should provide us an avenue to be happy, to discover the bright side in us. Be comfortable enough to be as open as possible to your partner because in the end it will help u both, in being sensitive to each other needs.
2. Do not focus on each other differences.
- of course nobody is perfect, that is why adjustment in a relationship is really so hard,considering that you are both different individuals, with unique attitudes and personality. However do not make that differences an excuse for your arguments and querrels. It is important to accept your partner as a simple man, an ordinary individual capable of commiting mistake, be very open of the possibility that your bf/gf might commit a mistake, dont worry, thats normal.
3. Be sure to forgive each other when problem arises
- The main problem and issue during break - ups is both parties are not willing to compromise, and because of that they end up having separate lives, well, if you want to save your relationship try to understand your partner and allow him to realize his wrong and if he promised to make up things, then gave him another chance to patch up things.

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