Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Christmas Gift

One more week to go and we will be welcoming the last page of this year's calendar. Funny, but the days seems to be so fast that i didn't barely noticed that it's almost the end of the year.Well, if there are things that i love about the holiday season, its the joyous thoughts and spirit that it dominating the world. It's like everybody seems to be nice, generous and the world seems to be full. Hopefully, it will last until the coming years.

On the other side, Christmas is also a time for gift giving. Many of us are preparing for our budget to this season as we tend to share our blessings we received for this year. I'm no exemption too as i'd like to paint a happy smile to my loved ones and to the children that i shared the candle. I already had few gifts bought but still not enough to cover my lists.

Anyhow, today i will be talking about an early gift from my brother's girlfriend. She just arrived the other day from Sweden and to our surprise, she really made an effort of giving us early surprises. The girls (my mom, sister and me) have the same presents but differs in style. We all have new bags courtesy of the kind (to be sister in law (wink*). The sister got a nice leather sling bag and my mom got a black hand carry bag while me was something special. I wonder why i got a different pick. She asked me beforehand what i want, i told her that i prefer a bag (prior to my online shopping months ago). I forgot that i asked her this present but i'm equally surprised coz she got a fabulous find.


a nice clutch bag with feathery details

And of course, the gift her arrival wouldnt be complete without these:


The nephew was smiling from ear to ear as the fridge was full packed with those yummy chocolates. 

Thanks sis for all these great presents...