Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heared About Bat Mitzvah?

I complain to my sister recently because my knees seems to be aching. I have been experiencing these for a couple of times and im a bit worried. I was thinkin maybe its an arthitis thing but am i old to have that? Well, i cant disclose my age but im always careful in what im eating and i heard that most of the time people who have genetical history on that illness may possibly inherit the said leg pain. I dont think my family has a history for such, well im not sure either since im not familiar with my parents health background. Whatever the cause of this painful knee, i am sure that in the coming days, ill drop by at my doctor to have it check right away. If i remember it right, if this stuff is about the constant wearing of heels, then it might be healed if given the proper rest. Hence, i couldnt feel that its about the heels im wearing coz if its the rootcause of this problem then my feet would also be having some painful thing, right?

Anyway, we just arrived after picking up some stuff. I bought some grocery for the dessert i am making while the brother pick up for home consumption. I noticed, few people on the streets, maybe they already done shopping. Kinda late since we attended in cleaning with our home after the flood while me on the other hand became busy with some of my online tasks that just the thought of losing them seems to wary my system. Ohh well, before i forget, i am here to talk about bar mitzvah and bar mitzvah planning. Does anyone here have an idea onbat mitzvah ? Its the first time i encounter such name and hope to do some good research on it.

Closing 2011 Meme

Few hours more and we will now bid goodbye to 2011. Today marks the end of the calendar yet its just right to say that the memories created on this year will remain on our hearts. It became a tradition to have our annual gatherings and exchange gifts right after the countdown. Today, like what we used to do, we were so busy preparing for our gifts, wrapping up for our prices, preparing for games and of course preparing for our later Noche Buena. Glad, that God is so good to us, on our family. Its pretty amusing that whenever we have some celebration or even just family gatherings, expenses became easily handled because its divided among us. Although, the brother mostly takes charge of everything but the thought that unlike before we can enjoy some pretty good food and buy stuff we havent experience before. Every new year is our hope for a bountiful journey, like yours we always pray for God;s guidance since this year is indeed an important year for the family. Its always our hope and prayer that our sister will be able to make it in the board exam.