Saturday, November 5, 2011

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A great life for me portrays something that is more of material possessions. Its about waking up one morning feeling good about yourself or maybe having a total peace of mind. Luxury is big part of this material world and honestly speaking the temptation behind it is so strong that oftentimes we had hard time fighting it. Who doesnt want a good life? Of course we dream of living in a mansion, driving our own car and even having a fairy tale inspired story where we want us to become the princess and lived happily ever after. Sadly, the reality is sometimes painful that waking up from our dreams means a big disappointment to our face and feel frustrated. As dreams is never guarantee so its always right to keep our feet on the ground. Never step down on other people shoe and its a no no to ever judge them for what we've seen coz when lifes twist happen you will finally just realize eating out your own words. How ironic it is but it does happen. For instance, you always rant against someone because you think she is the most awful person you have ever seen but when you finally experienced sudden downfall and be at the person shoe. I knew that the most painful thing that will happen into your life. Dont get me wrong but it does happen and before you knew it you will just wake up eating and swallowing your own words.

However, destiny is not always about sad ending there are also dreams that are realized and fulfilled. For instance, you dream to have your own car and suddenly was granted to you. How great the feeling of having a wish granted, right? For your future car use, you should check out j2534 and superchip. These are accessories for you car tuner needs and dont forget to check out too Superchips VIVID. One of the most sought after car parts.

Saturday Update

As ive mentioned, im busy preparing a small party for my niece. Despite me being lazy to run few errands, i dont have choice but to go to the nearest city to buy the stuff she needs. She will have her party tomorrow afternoon and its all courtesy of my beloved love. She has been a spoiler and i cant thank God enough for giving us a great man. I told him yesterday that we could just have a family celebration or i could just bring her to a fastfood chain but then he insisted that we would give her a birthday bash. Ohh well, i knew how i make a hole in his pocket lately but always he would tease me to just keep quiet and enjoy. He doesnt like it when im worried but i always do whenever he wasted his money for nothing. I mean i know i should be glad for having a man as caring and as thoughtful as he is but i just want to put his money to something that is useful and important. Hmmm, sounds like im becoming a good girl now. I knew i am.hehehe. Enjoy the weekend guys.