Monday, January 2, 2012

Its My Turn

Did i mention about my newly open site? If you've missed my post then i would love to invite you to my new site. Just posted my New Years Resolution and i hope you would leave some comments there. love to hear some good thoughts about you and maybe share some resolutions too? Why not? It is also open for link exchange so hope you'll leave me some good thoughts there. See yah

The Perfect Way to Get for Small Business Financing

I remember sharing on my posts about the plan of my man on buying the stocks of his partners. It came into a point that he no longer is satistfied with everyone's say on the company and since he started the firm, so he just offered for the most concrete options for everyone. He told me its never easy to decide to form a corporation especially if you dont know well the people you are trusting into. Its very vital that at least you sail in a common direction so that all your drives well be smooth sailing. I agree with all the things he said not because he is my man but on on core side of things, any investor would always wants the best for the company and the common good of everyone would always lie on the ability of each businessman to care for the future of the company. Good thing, i dont dwell on the investment side of the industry. My bread and butter touches the marketing and sales aspect so investments standards and policy are bit new to me.

On the upside, the recent development of the transfer of stocks is slowly progressing. He is already in the process of scouting for lenders who could finance his plans and investments. I knew its not easy to look for one since you do have to consider few things like the interest, principal annum, the monthly ammortization and other relevant factors which says a lot in the loan process. Buying on the idea of getting a financual institution who would give you the capital to pursue your plans is not an easy decision. Of course, its not easy too to apply for one because those people who have bad credit hsitory would most likely be rejected and aplying for huge amount of loans take few months to be approved considering the amount being bartered here. So, if you are one of those folks who is planning for an investment maybe in the near future then most likely i can help you in you in your search for lending agency. There are myriad of lending institutions to choose from depending on the amount of loans you are planning. For small business loans, you can apply for Small Business Financing while if you are planning to buy some stocks at some muti firm then perhaps you are eyeing for large business firnancing. A site called may offer you some relevant inputs especially on giving you a lists of some lending agency to apply for. Whether you are looking for Unsecured Line of Credit or Business Lines of Credit, they have them all stored for you. Your loan application is just a click away and matching a dozens of potential lenders will ultimately gives you a wide options for your investment and business endeavor.

Other valuable things you can see from the site are options for personal loan rates, new business loans, commercial loans and even lists of some business financing company.

On Men's Belt

I just remember a scene when we had our Holiday shopping. I was looking for some hair accessories when i noticed some glossy and stylish men's belt on some corner of the mall. Its the first time is saw such incredible find coz i always have this thought that men's belt are mostly dull and boring. Well, i was definitely wrong for this modern days, their fashion taste has also evolved. For men out there who want to try for a new fashion statements on the new year then a fashionable belt is a great add on. Why dont you try to mix and match your closet at the same time your belts, its a splendid idea.

Monday Meme

Hello folks, how was your day doing? Been sick for a day because of a some indigestion stuff but hopefully, i will be well by tomorrow as our work resumes. So how was the post holiday feeling? Do you have a great celebration? As with our family, we are totally happy and we had a super fabulous celebration. The brother has already left for work early morning today while the sister will be coming back on the 4th. She was not able to get a ticket because of the passengers season. The second day gave a super fantastic surprise. Its the first day of work of my brother and the latter is so excited and we are so excited too because its his first day of work. Blessings are on its way and it isnt just a claim, its God's rewards for people who have sincere heart, wink*

Well, the second day is already fabulous for us. I love it.I remember the talk show host quoting, its nice to start the year with smile and positive thoughts and i just did. Lets leave all our bitterness and frustrations on the cabinet and if you cant move on then bring your luggage back and pray to give you a clean heart. I figured so many hatreds brings so many bad luck and if you started the year with negative thoughts, it will continue in the end, scary,right? Let me start this by saying, some people are not worth of any attention, right guys? If you want to gain respect then have yourself respected and if dont want to be targetted then stop creating traps. Its that simple. Well, i read once that if a person starts to be bitter then its a clear indication that her shell is full of nonsense stuff and garbages. No wonder all that comes out on her thoughts reflects her personality, her breeding and the way she see her future. Flaunting others mistakes doesnt makes you any greater. Ohh well, i forgot you're perfect. Anyway, theres no need to make this post long because there is really no sense creating such thought for any person in particular. Just addressing some thoughts because i felt we need too and sometimes its best to give the person an own dose of medicine, right guys?

As my brother noted, there are unending talks and gossips when you hated the person simply because you matter to them but when you start ignoring the thought then it would just follow. I hope on the coming of the new year, people will just move on and minding for your respective business may take place. I am kinda enjoying a fantastic life now so i dont want to ruin it just by thinking of some not so good thoughts. But in any case, it always starts on us and because i am continually blessed and no reason to become a bitch, i will just ignore the people who dont have other business but always and almost a shadow of someone else life..hehehehe. To that, a tose to the New Year.