Monday, June 13, 2011

I am So Back

I am so back after a two day escapade at Cebu. Things went fine and we truly had a great time shopping and of course meetng Misty. She was a great woman and i also happened to met her child. I bought a clothes and candies for the ever bubbly Jetskie. We met at the mall and roam around, we eat altogether during lunch time and of course my hubby called up to check everybody. He was happy talking to each other and with Misty too. I cant help but smile when i remembered those joyous moments. Anyway, with me was my aunt who was with me all through out the day. It wasa fun experience but we're sad that we havent visited my hubbys house because we're running out of time. But the good news, we will be back and this time, we're planning for a beach adventure. Maybe ill take the rest of my family.