Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fabulous Saturday

Its been a fabulous day for me. The wedding turned out to be so great. I wish i could upload today some photos. I love how my friend transform me into someone that i never expect will be. He decided to curl my hair and it was so perfect. I was amazed how he does my make up so well. I cant wait anymore to upload some of my photos at the wedding. Hmmm, i love the photo booth too at the reception. It was exclusives for all invites and you could just pose their and you will have the shot for free.

On the other end, you cant believe it guys. I was just at dowton to eat siomai and i crave for it. When i arrived home, i realised its a bit early so i changed immediately and roam around the mall. I eat whatever i desired coz i limit my craveness for the past few weeks and its really so worth it.