Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food for Thought

Im trying to figure out what to write in here, i have lots of things that bothers me now. But i opt not to air it out here. I knew this is quite personal but maybe at the right time and when i am already ready to share, i will. I have lots of emotional crises now, been thinking a lot lately, of things that had happened and things that will happen. Quite my mind is busy travelling and thinking of things, i knew i shoudnt think of. I wish i could talk a lot now or share a lot like what i usually did before, everyday i share to my readers what i went through even the most personal things. I want to become so real and transparent as possible, i wish i can be right now. I have lots of heartbreaking stories that i wish to share but i guess i should kept a little privacy of my life. There are lessons in life hard earned and to that you can say that no matter how teary you faced those, still you graduated with flying colors. Lessons that sometimes you think u cant surpassed but luckily you had. With all the break throughs that we had faced, i dont think there still difficult in this life, like in my case, for every tiny heartbeats that pumps, no matter how it is broken it still manage to pump, and for that i dont think i will be even weak in all struggles here. I have evolved as a strong woman for every disappoints that i did encounter, for every heartbreakling expereince that i managed to do it alone, for every single drop of tears that i kept in my heart and i cried in the middle of the night, who will not evolve stronger on that? But i knew everyone of us has it own cross and reality check some has even much heavy burden than me, lucky me that still i can manage to smile as the sun rises every morning. Coz some didnt want to face the world after the terrible experience. Thats it, im fine.
Life just has lots of roller coaster experience, one great lesson - to never give up in tests and like in every real school tests, you jus need to prepare yourselve but if u cant just take it as experience coz the second time around youll know the lessons behind it.