Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Have you heard already of Green Smoke? possibly i guess, but of course you may think that this is harmful coz smoke are always harmful regardless of where it came from, most especially if it is from the cigarrette coz it contains hamful nicotenes that is not good for ones health. By the data of World Health Organizations more and more people died of lung cancer and this diosease can be associated of smoking. BUt did you know that at present there is what we called "E-cigarrette" - this is a new innovation and what is amazing is that its like youre smoking the typical cigarrete but it offers a convenience and perfomance that is remarkbly great.This E-cigarrete is called Green Smoke. When you try e-cigarrette its like youre smoking with the real tobacco especially if you will try Green Smoke because it offers the highest volume compared to other e-ciagarrette.The smoking sensation is like the real cigarrette but with no adverse effect at all. isnt this amazing! Try green smoke or visit their site here .

Happy Tuesday

Finally i had time to update my blog, had been busy for few days that i wasnt able to go online anyway i missed visiting other blogs and i missed posting meme too. Finally i am back alive and kicking. How are u doing guys? i wish everything is all fine. Thank u too for all my visitors who constantly finds time to visit my blog, in just a while ill be at your doorsteps. Mwah