Monday, November 12, 2012

A Monday Grin!!!

Good Morning Monday!!!

The rain is still nonstop yet i find this day truly worth waiting. I have few reasons to celebrate apart of course from allowing to live this day. One of those that made me smile today is the email from a client about a gift that she had sent in exchange for a product review. This craft really amazed me, i have had the chance to get freebies for just mere writing about them, amazing right?

So, she emailed the tracking number and i was just curious so i checked it online.The package came from China and it warms my heart knowing that i can have such stuff delivered to my place in no time. Hence, what made me smile bigtime is the fact that this stuff is shipped through a special courier and i appreciate really this company. Here's the recent tracking details i've got. I'll surely feature this stuff when i have this on hand.


Thank you to all the kind advertisers who sent their freebies and of course more to come..:)