Thursday, April 17, 2008

The longest bridge in the country

I can still remember one time when i was asked by a foreigner, how long was san juanico bridge? since i was just new in my profession as tourguide, i really forgot the exact number of
that bridge, to my surprise, she discussed to me what she researched about the bridge, oh my.
i was really so ashmed..hehehe..nonetheless that how funny life is sometimes, but that experienced of mine played a vital role in my personality and at the same time encouraged me
to be a better, if not the best tourguide in leyte..after the said experienced i was doing good already considering that i already memorized every historical background, figures that are necessary and everything that might contribute to help answer the curiosity of any foreigner that i tour.
well, the picture above is just one of the tourist destination our place can offer, it was constructed during the adminastration of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, since her wife Imelda is a native of leyte, mind you former first lady marcos is from our hometown, her house is just so near with our house..they say that the said bridge is a very proof of how the president love her first lady, since its a symbol of crossing distance just to prove to his wife how hes willing to cross oceans just to win the heart of her first lady..
a beautiful story which transforms into a popular destination not only of the leytenos but for most tourists as well.
indeed, for how many decades has past, amazingly the bridge has really a spectacular view,
it does not only bridge the gap between the two islands but it also serves instrumental in the progress of leyte in general.