Thursday, April 26, 2012

Following a Career Path

So, what made you choose your course? Do you have a burning passion about a certain subject? Or sadly, do you have no choice? I hope the latter is not your situation, because if it is, I pity you sweetie. More often than not, college students don't have any idea about what they really want to pursue during their college years. They just enroll themselves there because their parents want them to.

That's the case with my cousin. The boy wanted to take up architecture but his mom wanted him to become a nurse someday. With no choice at all, he ended up taking up the nursing course but eventually fell behind because his heart was really not in it. To make a long story short, he left the course and followed his passion.

The story above tells us that each one of us should follow what we want to be in life. I mean if the finances allow us to enrol in the course, then why not. Yes, our parents know very well what's good for us, but there are times like this where our choice and heart should sometimes overrule. In any case, I chose my course because I felt that it was the most appropriate study to take up, but if ever our finances would allow me to shift to business administration courses then I would gladly do so. You see guys, its about weighing your options in the best interest of everyone.

You also need to consider your parents valued opinion while trying to follow your dreams, because at the end of the day, if you just follow your heart and will, but you've already figured that it's not good for the family, then its useless. While following your dreams, make sure you're on the right road!

A Busy Blogger

So, while typing for this post, i am checking out new articles i will be writing today. Im checking out a niche where my mind is not that novice.I set some goals for a day for me to be productive. I have less than a month to save for our festivity and im already cramming.Nevertheless, i dont lose hope and i have so many thing to celebrate about. I have my partner that adores me even at my ugliest. Yay, the hubby and i had an argument last night but we immediately patched it up before i go to sleep. He never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what and since the start he would always say sorry if he felt he is wrong and he would show me how much he loves me. The feeling is great just the thought that someone is looking after you and will take good care of you so much.

On the other end, we are set for a beach escapade this weekend. Isnt it an exciting thing to look forward. Ohh yes, at last the family will have a summer escapade with some friends and relatives. BY now, let me handle my online endeavors..