Saturday, August 10, 2013

Intimate Care 101: Keep It Relatively Healthy

One thing most women fail to give extra care, is our basic thing on reproductive health. I mean i just noticed that some women fail to give importance and proper hygiene so as to maintain what needs to be cleans and cleanse everyday. I am no sure how other women do their basic routine but as with  me, i make sure i maintain basic hygiene and used products that offers utmost comfort to me.

Here are simple intimate care id like to share.

1. Change Your Underwear When You Felt Doing So

I just felt uncomfortable when i am on my fertile days, admit it ladies. But then, even if I'm on my typical days, i make sure i have to change my undies whenever i opt to hit the sack. Just that, i feel fresh whenever i am wearing something that is of cottony inside my pajamas.

2. Feminine Wash Makes Me Clean

I used to be a disciple of plain soap and water not until i was confined for  a UTI. Since then, i became extra vain down there. I also switch from my former feminine wash to PH Care because of it's perfect PH content. I just love the feeling of using it compared to regular soap and water. It doubles the feeling of being clean and fresh.

3. Pantyliner Just Do The Thing

Have you smell something not so good down there especially if you're using plain panty? Yes sweety, when you do your regular thing at the comfort room, we noticed some little droplets that will just create a stingy smell later so having a pantyliner will make your intimate part feeling fresh and clean.

4. Use Feminine Wipes After

I was confined years ago for a UTI thing and from that day on, i resort to checking  out products that will help me get rid of bacteria's and i must admit, i was then using tissue when i use the comfort room but i changed to using feminine wipes later on. If you feel you need to experience that clean feeling then i urge you to use PH Care Feminine Wipes.

Why Am I a Ph Care Wipe User?

- It has PH balanced
- Alcohol Free
- Hypo Allerginic
- With Active Cool for extra freshness
- Clinically Tested

What i actually love about feminine wipes is the wet texture where you can take advantage of after urinating. You just need to cleanse your intimate area and of course convenient to use especially if you're prone to travelling. PH Care is  a product of Unilab so you can guarantee for a high end quality. 

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