Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun Sunday Updates

A neighbor invited us for a lunch at their house because of family occassion so we had a great time catching up with each other today. Since my other sibling is still at the city so i tag my nephew to go with me. It was a fantastic lunch indeed. But before i head on to their house, i texted first my partner letting him know that im outside, im lazy of bringing my phone so i guess he would just sleep early today. After the sumptous treat, i decided to go back home because i need to fix first some paid reviews that were returned for some added insertion. Gladly, i finished it on time and resubmit it.

Anyway, we have two days break because of the holiday. Im so excited staying at home and sleeping. This is my favorite hobby (hehehe). Im just happy with everything that i accomplished this year and it feels great having been showered with countless blessings. Did i tell you that im working on a site now, its exciting and earning online is quite easy. I am trying again to experiment hoping that ill learn the best technique. Its such a blessing having the passion to discover and try some new things. If i could possible get a positive end on this endeavor, i will surely share it again here. I read from blogger friends that they are paid few hundred in a month and if i can do that, surely its going to be a great blogging journey.