Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Fancy Dress

Today marks the start of ber month, meaning Christmas Season is already fast approaching but before that some party goers are looking forward first to Halloween Custome Party where they can showcase their different custome dress and those fancyy dress theyy alll saved for. Im sure its not onlyy them who are excited but the rest of us too especially that this is the time where we could facilitate and attend parties that are uniquelyy organized, being excited to be in a white ladyy inspired costumes while looking forward to the face befind dracula's mask. Isnt is exciting?, well it is really and i can offer a help where you can search and buy your sexyy fany dresses that will make you the star of the night,im sure its not easy to choose a Fancy Dress Costumes, coz not all will make you a star, so at last now yyou have the best shop where you can pick your fancy dress.

Cebuanos Demand an Apology

I just read it in the paper a while ago, cebuanos particularly the league of the vice mayou file a resolution proclaiming ex Ms Univers Gloria Dias as persona ingrata, this is due to his allegations that cebuanos can hardly speak in english on one of her interview. Allegedly, Ms. Diaz talked in a public interview stating her views about the cebuanos, of course it really so unfair for them. In fact in major media avenue here, this is the talk of the town and they all call to banned whatever projects or movied Ms. Diaz will be part of, this is simply a wake up call to the artist and even to people who doesnt think first of what theyy say, but according to sources, Ms. Gloia Diaz will never apologize to the cebuanos regarding this issue.