Friday, February 22, 2013

Clinique: Flamboyant Rogue - Shine Visibly

Anything pretty makes my heart upside down, blame it to vanity. Today, as part of my quest to put an extra effort for this site. I'd like to share how my present beauty loot made me smile bigtime. I'll be featuring products i shopped online and those that was sent for samples. So, my recent shopping addition is a water shine lipstick - Clinique (Flamboyant Rogue). The first time i set my eyes on it, i knew it's not your typical lipstick. It's kinda smooth and the stick is somewhat different from your ordinary lipstick.

The first one is a red lipstick with gloss at the bottom. It has a vibrant red stick and when applied truly makes your lips extra hot. While Clinique Flamboyant Rogue has mild red substance. It is soft on the lips and indeed shiny when applied. It's good for your daily wear and unlike other lipstick that vanishes easily, Clinique offers long lasting shine while making your lips protected all the time.

The good thing about choosing a nice brand is you don't get yourself compromise. I mean, there are brands that really offer deceiving advertisement yet when you use it, it's the other way around. But when you use a brand trusted and proven by many then you can guarantee of a quality product most of the time.

Admittedly, i don'y directly apply a lipstick on my bare lips. I always put first a lib balm for protection. I started using this when i used a lipstick before that game me some cracked lips so since then i put a base protection before putting some paint on it. But when i started using Clinique i can put it directly at my lips without worrying much for a cracked lips. Yes, it shines visibly and that's one thing that i admire most of this brand.