Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Time to park my keyboard now..i need to have a good sleep, tomorrow my cousin will com to help me fix my room, well, have a nice sleep,goodnight everyone

Just had a tiring day

You guess it right, i had a very tiring and stressful day.,imagine i travelled early morning because i had a meeting last night at Tacloban so i just slept at our house. Early this morning i travelled back here because i have an appointment with my salesforce and i need to do my assignment before the meeting proper. Our meeting actually ended around 8 pm tonight, i feel really so stressed. I just ate outside and here before i sign out, ill blog first..hehehhe

New Home

yessssss, im at my new apartment, i just transferred today to this new house, well its actually too big for me, the paint is pink and i put a variety of stuff so that i could really feel its essense, i mean of being a place to rest and for a peace of mind. This marks my first night here, i am quite nervous as what awaits me here but just crossing my finger for goodluck.till here

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Mom

We seldom celebrate Mother's day cause oftentimes we are together during the natal day of wedding anniversary of my parents. But somehow this coming Mother's day, i am planning to surprise my mom with a special gift for her to feel how special she is in our life. Nonetheless, i am not anymore worried about my surprise since i have come this site mothers day gifts which gives free certificates and giveaways just exclusive for Mother's Day. Actually this site is about creating canvass wherein it allows users to create art from any photo and then put them in canvass or in print, Isnt it amazing? for sure my mom would surely love this idea, well if youre interested, just visit the site and youll be entitled for a $10 dollar worth of cetificate. Visit photofiddle to keep up with the news discounts and othercontests.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We will have a meeting tomorrow at our regionaly office, agenda is our fresh produce business and the attendees are limited to us and to our CG department. For sure this will be a tiring day tomorrow,hayyyz


How ill one knows that what youre lookin for is just a step away? how will you know that she is the right woman for you? by how you feel, or because you think she is destined for u? Just confused how our love story is created, by time or by destiny? if really we are destined for somebody else, then why are there lot of broken hearts, why are there lot of people who seems to claimed that they have found the wrong partner in life, why are there regrets, why there is pain over choices at start we felt we are at the right track, but whatever complications life may bring, one thing is for sure, destiny is a matter of choice, a choice to where track your feet would like to lead to, nevertheless this path should always bring the happiness we are looking and longing for.

Been Busy

been busy for quite a few days, apologize guys, i just need to finish a lot of things, but certainly i am just here to those who visited my blog, dont worry guys after just this month i will be visiting your blog very often, just now as i am running out of time for a variety of concerns, hopefully i could finish this before the end of the month.

Summer Get away

Our summer outing is schedule this coming may 8 and 9 at Biliran Island. All personnel from Visayas will join us since we are the host branch. By now we are now starting preparing for the said events, we have a variety of parlor games, ball games and other activities for the said spotsfeast. Yesterday we were able to fix things for our uniform, we will have actually 2 sets of uniform, one is the jersey type and the other is just a mere shirt, our color is green, that i suggest because green is the color of the year, and its a lucky color they say, except for green minded people.hehhe

Island Hopping

Well it was such a great experienced when we had our island hopping last saturday at Agta Beach resort at Biliran Island. I really enjoyed since we had a great time at the beach. the owner actually invited us to visit there place since they will soon be a business partner. I was given a beautiful room, it was like a paradise. When we went to the nerby island, it was like a mini boracay, white sand, clear water, great ambiance, though it was not yet developed but the place itself really is a paradise. The forest are still virgin, birds are all around and what was fantastic was the island was seem very private and peaceful. You could have a relaxing sleep with the sounds of the birds, the clear water plus the white sand really makes the place a great sanctuary. You shouldn missed visiting the place.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Its time to celebrate life, time to celebrate for the world we live in..Happy earth Day guys! its time to give love to the planet we are in..More Celebrations to come...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still Wondering

..why life is so unfair?..well. that the reality, wondering how most of us survived in this journey called life. There are lots of people whom you will meet to test you, to just played over your feelings, some will makes you happy for a while but some will leave an unforgettable scar in your hear, nevertheless whatever footprints they bring, just be strong always and always put God in the center of everything.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What Monday Brings?

Hows your monday everyone? well me, same as usual, lined up reports is my topmost priority. Yesterday we had a birthday party of my nephew at my neighbor's house. We did had a great time, lots of children there even though it was just a simple celebration. Yesterday too i bought venetian blinds for my room, in fairness, it has a great color, sea green,hmmm. Today i asked my father to put the blinds as hes going to bring the drill from the shop. Im going to see this saturday how my room looks like now. This is the start of the week, i hope this week brings good luck to each one of us, just crossing my finger.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


im still at the office, just havin a great time on the net, i just read recently that Ted Failon's wife was shot, or commited suicide, its still not clear with me, nevertheless lest pray for the immediate recovery of his wife. I personally know Ted Failon because he was our former congressman in the first district of Leyte. He is really a good man, down to earth and very simple. I dont want to entertain gossips about him that there was a foul play and that he intends to kill his wife, that far from what i imagine based on how i know him. Hopefully we could just give him a bit of privacy as he is facing a big crises now.

Speaking engagement

This saturday i will be the commmencement speaker of the graduating class of 2009 of my former alma mater. They have invited me to be their speaker as to share insparational thoughts to them. Its quite flattering to be invited and somehow i am also thankful to be given such oppurtunity. Hopefully i could upload the photos of that affair, lets see!

What am i into?

well guys, as usual id been busy for a couple of weeks ad a lot of this happened, I had a great holy week with my family. I enjoy hanging out with my nieces and friends. I did had my confession last holy wednesday and attended mass last thursday ad friday. However last monday was a terrible experience, i had a meeting with my bosses and sadly it did not went fine. But wherever life takes me and wherever my feets leads me into, i am never afraid cause God is with me..

Scents and Fumes

Just last night my friend came to my room to sell Body Splash perfumes, its my first time to see those body spray because its actually from abroad. While she was convincing me to get one, i was really enjoying spraying all those 6 body spray in different smells and flavors. But the one i got smells like melon, it has a refreshing yet delicate smell. Its not so sensitive and strong that is why ive decided to get it. Though i still have with me my victorias secret spray, i wanted to try this said scents. Its very relaxing and suited this summer. But to those who wanted to check on some perfumes or body spray, heres what youre looking for Scent

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Western Furniture

Before i dreamed to make our house really a great place to live in, i could have the best bedroom, our living room should have at least the latest sofas or wood furniture which would bring a different scenery. Just last year i bought a sofa for our living room, its actually the cheapest one but its beautiful. However if you would like to search for a variety of choices for rustic or western furnituresm why dont you consider this western furniture, for sure you could find the best furniture suited in your taste.

I feel im alone

When crises comes in your life, all youre thinkin are the people close to your heart to cheer you up, but why is it? that always and almost those people whom you think are the dearest are the one who leave you up during shortcomings. It melts my heart when i realized this, because ive been the type of person who easily trust, my confidence is easily gained but once its gone, theres no way of gaining it again. Hope this time ill realize of the value of true friends, and of course giving back the time, wasted time which was supposedly for my family. I became so blindfolded of the fake people whom i considered friends, now i knew who to trust most. Your family members will always be there, through thick and thin. Thats the most important lesson, i hope everybody had learned and will learn. Trust me.

Just not better

Life is so uncertain, we cant tell where our happiness will end, in the same manner that no one in this world is contant, all are temporary, they just pass by to us. for a lesson and for an experience.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I remember my mentors during my highschool days, why? because before holy week we are required to go to confessions of holy retreat, hence the said activities are indeed in preparation for the commemeration of the upcoming holy week. This is very important in our spiritual side, because it nurtures our soul and redeems our faith. Now, that im working i am really looking forward to attend to this said activities, they are indeed very helpful especially if you have a very busy days, its the best time to give a few hours to your spiritual life and reflect once again what you have done for the previous months, were you been good to your neighbor? or it was the other way around, at leat by being sensitive to your actions towards others, it would cultivate to a good spiritual background.

Lent Season

Palm sunday marks the start of the holy week in christian tradition, this signifies that the passion and death of Jesus Christ is ony a few days ahead. The season in our catholic faith is what we called the Lent Season, in Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year leading up to Easter.
The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Conventionally it is described as being forty days long, though different denominations calculate the forty days differently. The forty days represent the time that, according to the Bible, Jesus spent in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, where he endured temptation by Satan.[1].
This practice was virtually universal in Christendom until the Protestant Reformation.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holy Week is coming

Next week is already holy week and its already my favorite time coz its time to spend great monets with my family, no office just rest and all fun. I am planning to have a beach party with my nephews and all our relatives, lets just see! i bet we will spending more time going to church, i forgot to take my confession and recollection...i guess i need to schedule that one immedietly.

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Just Quite Busy

hmm, i am quite busy this past few days as i have in lined meetings and appointments that i need to finish. Last night i had a meeting with one of our business partners, it went fine. Today i am invited for a lunch meeting too with one of the owner of my distribution channel. Well, as what my boss says, "dont ever think of how pressured you are, enjoy it coz youll just missed the moments in stress, why dont you take life easily and enjoy each passing day" Its true indeed. Have a blessed day.