Monday, December 19, 2011

How Vital are Employee Manual

Before i became a sales specialist in my previous company, i started as an administrative assistant first. My work centered more on office works, admin errends and touches a bit about human resource stuff. In fact, i take charge of all employees concerns from hiring to terminations, giving some leaves, overseeing employee's performance and even attending to office supplies and other assets. This is the time where i enjoyed my working career since most of the time i wear fabulous office attire.We dont have uniforms then so i make sure i create my own working suites and mix and match my mood with some clothes. This is also the time i get addicted to coats and slacks. My friend then who worked in an insurance firm says a lot in all of my fashionable suits. There was even an instance where i had a business trip to a nearby city together with some boss. I wore an office attire that is relatively similar with those of the flight attendants because i also got some longs ribbons in between its collar. The guy out there asked me if i was a flight attendant and i feel flattered because i knew how prestegous the job of the latter.

Anyway, part of my job description too is handling confidential files of all employees. I served memos, check their performance evaluation and perhaps almost everything down the line. I have with me an employee manual for orientation purposes and normally i handed them a copy of employee handbook sample when they're formally hired by the company. Indeed, an employee handbookis very vital because it serves as companys' bible in all of its norms, standards and ethical grounds. This serves also as the guide for every branch so that it wouldnt paddle into different directions. Whatever incidents and exceptions outside of this handbook is subject to terms with the company's policy and standard operating procedures.

Feel like Royalty with Barcelona Chairs

Its been a long day indeed. I mean i was stucked at some paper works and my neck has been aching too much. Well, thats the effect of my hardworking ass. I dont have any complain either, the truth is im very much thankful that reviews and tasks poured like its no end. Every now and then, i got some tasks at different sites that i subscribed too. Anyway, it been few days before Christmas, Are you ready for the big day? Are you done shopping for your sister, brother and other family members? How about your godchilren, im sure you always allocate certain amount for them, right?

The holiday seems to give a hole in our pockets but since this time of the year just comes once then im sure its best to share our blessings to loved ones who best deserve some present this year. I remember an office mate who asked me to accompany her to the nearest furniture store. She is scouting for a possible dining set and maybe few appliances depending on whatever stuff attracts her the most. When we vsisted the famous appliance store in town. My eyes were feed with fantastic finds on stylish and sophosticated styles of living room and dining furniture sets. I happen to see some barcelona chairs and Eames Chair which i felt in love immediately. This modern class furniture is a must have especially if you are planning to give a lift to your roof. An Eames Lounge is a good choice so far because it touches some modern and classy styles without having some budget constraints. Admittedly, there are a lot of amazing finds these holiday but i also make sure to save a little bucks for rainy season. I hope you too. But in any case, you do have extra budget what keeps you grounded? Common get it now.

My New Site

Hi guys, another favor again. Just done installing and fixing out my new site. I just had my other site imported to this new nest. My site is Tweet, Rants and Rambling..Kindly check that out...Im also open for link exchange so i hope i can count on you..Thanks

Another Self Hosted Blog

Woot, before the year ends, i wanted to materialize one of my goals this year. Another self hosted blog is on its way. I couldnt afford to slip on my finger the chance of getting another hosting for my sites. I knew bloggers out there would understand the benefits of having multiple sites to maintain. The molah is also unstoppable, right? Cant wait to maintain another site. The niche of this new hosted site is more of personal entries. The last hosted site was for business and personal finance. I havent had yet any personal site with its own hosting terms so im quite excited. The plan of getting another hosting is actually an output of a constant thought of augmenting my income every month. Of course, we all knew hos prices is skyrocketing so we should be doing something as far as personal finance is concerned. I just got this chance to pursue this plan and without any doubt my 2nd self hosted site was realized today. Im so much glad for all my achievement this year.

Monday Thoughts

Sorrow is with us not because we are bad at stopping it, but simply because it's part of being human. What matters is not whether good or bad things happen - both will, but your relationship to them. Just think back over the last 24 hours, - what had you taken hard that you could have taken lightly?


Good morning guys. its a beautiful Monday morning and i have so many things to be thankful about.I knew God knows how much i am so much indebted to HIM. I am always grateful for everything and i wouldnt have ant of these if not of HIS love and kindness. I am thankful for a kind, generous and loving honey, for a great family, for the wonderful friends, for my critiques and enemies to always remind me to keep my feet grounded and for a great work environment and understanding boss. To this, i owe a lot to HIM for a great life.