Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer Accessories Must Haves

Summer Season is inviting us not only for a fun filled activities to unwind ourselves but also to make ourselves fashionable and trendy in our respective styles.Honestly, this once in a year season made me want to raid my closet and mix and match for some summer escapades that we may soon realize.I had my own share of accessory finds and that here are some stuff you need to get soon, if you plan for some summer adventure.

Accessory Must Haves:

1. Scarves

This accessory will compliment for a fashionable style. Just make sure you pick the right color and material. I go for light and cotton one so it can be just adorable when wear.

The author with a yellow scarves paired with plain shirt.

2. Bangles/Necklace

I love wearing bangles and most of the time, its perfect when you opt to go to a beach escape. Choose something colorful these days. It will compliment for a summer look on your end.

A Native Bag and an accessory paired with long cotton skirt

3. Eye Wear

Sunglasses just don't protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun but will also make you adorable in just a short glance. Opt for an over sized eye wear with dark shades.

A dark shade sunglasses

4. Oversized Rings

It's just adorable for me when one wears an oversized ring especially if the color is catchy. Try those color that you can wear whatever dress or summer wear you have:

5.Oversize Bags

i fancy for a native oversize bag these days. I saw a nice one yesterday but i am scouting for a nice color. Pair it with a nice fitflops.

Well, always remember to be confident and trust your own fashion style. Nothing beats on that belief.