Friday, September 17, 2010

A Birthday Bash @ Waterfront Cebu

There was really no planned yesterday as to where im going to celebrate my birthday since im planning to just have it this weekend, i went to mass late in the afternoon and no planned at all however my friends asked me to hang out around before were going to go to work at around 11 pm, then we planned to go to Waterfront an availed of their eat all you can, well the celebration took place. We had a dinner with some close friends and my brother at Waterfront Hotel and we had an eat all you can dinner and what surprises me was that i was serenaded by those waitress with a birthday cake plus a candle, it was so sweet. I was really so full last night coz the buffet was great, there you find a variety of menus plus great deserts, i just ate potato salad coz it was really fantastic. My birthday ends by a call as we went to our respective workplace and back to business again, Well i am already 25 and it has all made the difference.Mwah