Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today marks the celebration of Palm Sunday, It simply means the start of the holy week. For some, this is the best time to rest or have some vacation, but for many Catholics this is the type to repent and do some works of mercy. Usually especially in areas where cultures are still preserves, we usually do some reenactment of the death and sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and when Holy Thursday came, we usually just stays at home and pray the rosary and at night we do the stations of the cross. If I were to choose whats best to do this Holy week, im proud to say that I still stick with my old ways, coz in here my faith is renewed, and my relationship to my Savior becomes strong


Last night we were one of the lucky households who participated in the Earth Hour, it was actually facilitated by our provider nevertheless i find it so great, i mean contributing to our Mother Earth. Not all has the chance and with the few given those chance, only little will have the will. I mean, with so many things that bothering us now, isnt it just right to give an hour to this great WORLD?