Thursday, December 6, 2012

Earn by Publishing

There are endless possibilities to earn through the net and lately it's getting exciting and exciting. As a blogger, we are usually paid by doing reviews, placing links and maybe sharing our personal opinions on products that an advertiser wishes to market on our respective portals. There are few times that i was given free products in exchange of a review and it honestly gave me an overwhelming feeling.

This is the first year that i considerably called myself a blogger disciple. I mean i earned quite a good figure compared last year or the other year by which i wasn't that establish yet. I am not of course claiming that i am now but i could possibly say that i am doing pretty well on this craft. This year, i have augment my blogs inventory, did comparably more reviews, monetized my site well and of course i have more direct clients than i used to have and hopefully more in the coming year/years.

So, apart from earning through paid blogging. I discovered a site that pays just by publishing some guests posts and it's really exciting. Just consider copy pasting the article and you're done. No sweat. While, if im working on paid blogging, i have to research and construct good reviews so as to please my clients. Thus, my recent find is a big help.

When i started, i submitted my first niche site but was declined perhaps because it has more paid reviews than the usual link free article. Then, i submitted my second site and there it was accepted. Thankful that i have this site and decided to make it a niche. After bidding for few articles, my site was eventually noticed and i got few guest posts to publish. I already publish the first one and will just do some interim then follow the second one.

Well, the good side, i was paid already a minute ago and it really surprised since it offers fast and quick payment. Hopefully. more posts to come.

If you are interested to know what im talking about then do leave a comment and i'll share the link.

A Blessed Day Bloggers :)