Friday, October 3, 2008

stupidy of me...

It was already midnight when i was really having a hard time going to sleep, its as if my eyes were too lazy to rest, or its my mind that was too busy, trying to find the reasons why my life was full of stupidity, perhaps this is what we call to people who were too crazy to think of other people more than of themselves despite past events that proved that they were never been the best choice but a last alternative.
Before i always blamed my past for the painful memories that was never really worth reminiscing, I blame my ex for being too insensitive to what i felt, i blamed my heart then, for giving my all, and leaved nothing for myself. But after a year of moving on, i was so fortunate that I was able to wake up, still able to proved to the whole damn world that I was a new and improved woman, better than ever.
However, my heart was never getting tired of being broken into pieces everytime someone else owned it. I even wondered how come every passing day i was still able to apprciate the word " love" despite its painful memories in my part.
BUT, its still love that makes me want to wake up every morning, hoping that this time around, someone will proved to me that, theres always one side of the boat.