Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surprise Visit?

My honey pie just called up a while ago and he kept on asking possible hotels near at my workplace. I was asking why he needs it, he just smiled and teased me. Well, I'm having a hint that he might come over for a surprise visit. Last night, he was asking too of my workloads and schedules but he never mentioned why he needs it. I dont know if intuitions are true but if it is, i believe he has a surprise plan. Hopefully. Hayst, love can really make the world go round..right?

SEO Consultant

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Flooring Stuff

We all want a great looking home, right? Its no wonder that most of the home owners availed of tiling or other flooring products that will make their home presentable and great looking. I remember one time, we had a visit to one of our business partner's home and were invited for a dinner. Upon entrance to their home, i was astonished because it was really fantastic. They have great wall paintings, nice moldings and a glass tile at their floorings. I guess the renovations alone made a hole at their pocket but it was all worth it.

Speaking of Tile Floor, i saw at hardware stores how great and sturdy this kind of flooring, aren't they? and there are plethora of tiles with great styles and colors. Its a worth add on to your floor especially if you are thinking of renovating your house. What do you think?

Call Divert

Hows your day going guys? I do hope that you are doing great guys. As for me, i was kinda busy with work and some other online tasks. By next week, i have few things to do and also this coming weekend. Before the Holy week, im planning to visit the parlor for some hair treatment and hopefully it will went out great. Had to schedule it where i am free from work. We haven't had plan yet for this Lenten season except for some beach activity for the Easter Sunday.

Anyway, i was planning to share some not so good experience last night when my hubby called up. He was mad at me because according to him a man answered my phone when he called up the other night. I was kinda confused what he was talking about because i haven't received any call at that time. I asked my friend if diverting to other users, is possible and she said she had similar experience? Do you experienced same too?

Worth to Mention...

In few days, we will have our long vacation because of the Lenten Season. Im looking forward from this break because im free from work hassles. Nevertheless, i also look forward for a family bonding and other fun stuff that we can do during this break. Any vacations for you guys?

Anyway, i had a fruitful week. I did had few tasks that i managed to work the other day. Thanks to the site that showered me paid to review works. At least, my plan to save this year will materialize soon. Im planning to focus too on my blog and boosts its page ranking. Ive heard of worth to mention ppc services that im planning to avail. Ill try to check it later.