Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moods of Romance

How was ur day guys? Hope it was so fine,,well about me, i had a tiring day, just as usual only that ive accomplished a lot things. We actually had a date with my friend, ate joy who happened to be my boardmate before, we just hang around and ate together. It was such a wonderful day for me.

Cozy Rooms

Try their unique rooms, fully air conditioned and relaxing suites:

Getting There

How to get there:
Simply ride a pamboat, fare is at 35 pesos per head
Dutchpickle site

Haven of Fun Beach Resort (Contacts and Rates)


Cottage with Aircon & Cable Tv
Php 1000 per day

Non-aircon with electric fan & cable tv
Php 800 per day

Nipa Hut with electric Fan
Php 600 per day

Attic with electric fan
300 per day

Rates are good for 2 adults only. Maximum of 4 persons in one cottage room.

For more info you may call them at

Or you may visit their site at:


Been To Heaven

Yes because of the paradise ambiance, they call it Haven of Fun, its located at Brgy. Victoria Norethen Samar, Philippines. Its actually an island and you can access the place right thru a pamboat only. The beach Resort was somehow unique in nature, it was actually developed like a mini boracay, the only difference is that it is peaceful, you can actually feel the fresh air, heart warming ambiance, and a lot more. The place is not the typical beach resort, coz their buildings are not actually made up of concrete materials, it is made up of nipa and its designs offer a different feeling of rural escapade. The water is so clean and very clear. Truelly it was one of the unforgettable escapade i had.