Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Could....

...a person sacrifices his own happiness in the name of love like accepting all the insults, violence, heart-breaking circumstances and even accepting a scenario where love triangle is involved. I used to be an avid reader of a local novel. In fact i was hooked with this hobby for many years. Thinking that there is indeed a man made for you and that at the perfect time, he will come and beg for your love. U used to have this kind of mentality way before i met my first boyfriend. But reality has messed up my imagination and in just a splash its like a sand castles blown by the waves. Suddenly my dreams and fairy taled inspired concept of love has change and later on has vanished. My concept of love then was like a disney inspired story, i was the princess and the prince is the man i will met who will love me for me. But my story has not ended the way i want it to be. In fact, when i finally broke up with my first boyfriend, it was i think the saddest part of my life. I remember using the three rolls of tissue paper and throwing all the stuff he gave to me - because i knew deep withing myself tha i have indeed love him unconditionally. With all those things that i experienced ive thought that im far better and matured. I hurriedly jumped into a relationship with a man i just came to know in just a few months. Ive thought that getting to know him while we were in a relayionship stage will just help a lot in our coupledom but i was so wrong because the more that i get to know him, the more that i regret being attached to him. He was the kind who wanted to hook all the girls in the world, dating left and right became his hobby. As a faithful girlfriend i never complained thinking that he will just changed later on. But change as they say will not be possible if the person himself is not willing to do so, in short he doesnt respect me and he has a different concept of love. Way then, i knew i how heart breaks are devastating. I knew how mending a broken heart is difficult than mending a wounded knees. But i realized that really love can change the entirety of you, you became tame even if you acted like a lion and worst you become stupid at its worst from. But what is indeed painful is loving someone though you knew he is already commited with someone else. That no matter how you try to cut the rope that attached your feelings to him, you simply cant - because you have already loved him deeply. There maybe different situations, scenarios and cases of love. But at the end of the day, you really cant questions the break ups or regret cause it happens for a reason. We may never understand what it tries to convey to us today but im sure it is clearly shown at the future.

Wordpress Blog Makeover

Undeniably green is my favorite color but after i saw this new theme, i started loving pastel colors. THis is my new wordress blog theme, what do you think guys> please give some comment. I wanted to put some links
of my blogrolls here to my wordpress blog, i do hope its just fine with you guys.

My Blog " The Best of Me' is already open for link exchange. Actually it had already been there for few months, i update it but i am lazy doing some renovations on it and inviting for link exchange but now i realized i need a wordpress blog. Please add my other blog guys and let me know please. Thanks

College Degree

When i graduated from high school, i dont have in mind as to what course to take or even am not so sure of what my passions are. In short, i am too young to understand where directions i should take. College years are by far the most important ladder in the steps of education. Its the time that you take your courses seriously and what you are in college will detect who you will be in the future. If i could have a choice, i would surely choose to take up nursing because i wanted to become a doctor apparantly our financial status at that time is limited considering that my parents are just mere employees. However, i dont have regret that i took up Public Administration because the course opens up a horizon of a greater picture of this government of ours. It also inculcates some facts and cultures that are just unique in our country and in our bureacracy. I came to realize how lucky i am to have studied such course and had the chance to know important things that only the students who took this degree wll understand. What am saying is that, students should be more precise and sure that they have the heart for the course they are taking coz it is true that you will only excel in the field that you are passionate about. In many countries, there are already variety of courses that is being offered - from short term to degree courses. In London they have the so called easter revision courses london and a lot of UK students find it great. If i am just in the place, i will surely try the courses in it.

My Sweet Meme

i was thinking of a good post to write in here but my mind is empty right now of ideas but my fingers started to type at the keyboard and no choice i have to continue. Anyway, i am missing my bestfriend so much. I knew he is already committed and has his own family but still the thoughts of our bonding and friendship lingers me every night. Sometime, he courted me and i asked him why he is going beyond the territory of friendship, he told me that he sees his ideal girl in me. I am flattered and happy of course, but then i could compromise the relationship we had and will have if it would work as US. I cant remember a time where he leaves me. When im down i always look for his hand, when im sad i always look for his handkerchief and when a guy dumped, i always wished that he is there for me to listen to my not so sensible heart rants. I could say that at this point in my life i have found a great and true friend in him. There even one point when he would visit me on my working place before and we will hang out together after. My former boyfriend who happens to be the man i loved so much always nags on me not to go to ukay-ukay stores, but i always love to visit there cause i could find an affordable yet classy style. But he could understand that because he thought that i am cheap and that those stuff are only for poor people. Because i love my boyfriend i stop going to such stores but when the time comes that i wanted really to go there, i asked my bestfriend to go with me and told him about the things we argued about with ex. To cap it, he joined me in roaming such store and even look for the best deal for me. Thats how my bestfriends took good care of me. I wish we could just choose the one person we could love and share our dreams and our life, but loving is not a choice of the brain - its a matter of the heart.