Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flipelas Rocks: Cool Flip flops this Summer

I just bought a nice flip flops the other week. I've been wanting to have this but my budget doesnt permits. When i told my partner that i will be buying a slipper for $35  he was shocked but then he gave in at the last hour. I am always honest to him what i want and when he is at the right mood, he would surprise me to get the things i want. Hopefully, he will read this

Anyway, this cool flip flops was shared to me by my friend on Facebook. She told me that she just availed of this and wants more. I was curious so i checked it out. I was amazed that this flip flops was the one i saw wearing by a friend. I didn't know it was this. 


They have cool styles and nice hue.So if you want to get or is eyeing for one then check out their page.

Nice Color

Cool Accessories

Photo Credit: Images are from Flipelas Facebook Page