Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dream Wedding

As they've described it, "it's an every womens dream", true enough to walk down the aisle while your better half is waiting there, is an every girls dream. Its once in a lifetime and that not all women are given the chance to be there. I myself is not an exemption to that, like a typical girl, i also has my dream wedding, before it was the lvish thing, the most extravagant..that was when i was not earning yet, but now that i am trying to meet both ends considering that i am helping my parents too for our households needs, my dream wedding turns out to be at the simpleast was possible. less figures for guest, more solemn but ill make it the most unforgettable day of my life, It doesnt matter if your flowers are not that beautiful, what is more important are the existence of flowers which are very important indeed.

I missed my lalabs

Its already quite a few weeks since our last chat with my lalabs, i really missed him already, but then i knew hes so busy and he has no time for me. I dont know if he's ok or what hes doing right now because he doesnt go online, i knew they just finished their solemn week, and they have lots of activities but then up to now, he has not showed up yet..maybe he already found someone new, who will made him complete.

To you lalabs, whatever will happen i will always love you