Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Does Love Change You?

Love can make or break us. This is significantly true with the past experiences that we underwent. But as what as my friend says, the sweetest reward is when you finally wake up one day not feeling the same way, less painful yet more determined of moving forward. Everyone got the chance to experience pain and heartbreaks, some had even underwent moments where they lose their identity. But no matter how heartbreaking our stories to share, its still the core point that "we finally learn from our mistakes" that is inspiring. Learning takes time, it even takes extraordinary journey, it even much takes a dreaded soul and pail of tears to finally take us to where we are now. But the capstone of every learning is when one surpassed the challenged and pain of a love story made up of bitterness and sufferings.

In any way, love is powerful giving us lessons we ought to learn. But in every love journey that we want to take, lets always put in mind the risk it would bring to us. And finally, let us embrace a possibility of letting go of someone we love coz who knows its just a blessing in disguise paving the way to the man who will love every inch of us. Goodbye are sometimes an opening for a love that is made for us.

Stay in love guys.