Saturday, March 19, 2011

After the Rain...

I had been pretty occupied lately. Just for today, i went to downtown to buy our basic necessities and things that i need. I was actually lazy to go there because of the rain but then i need to get the money that honey pie has sent. He was already getting mad that i didnt get it the other day, it was supposed to be for payment of the pension house that he reserved but then due to heavy rain i believe private establishments were closed at that time. Today i was forced to go there and mind you i was shocked to see a lot of people still on flood and some were rescued by speed boats. On our way home, we could still some residents at the street together with their belongings. Indeed, it was a tragic event for all of us. As my honey pie is telling me, i should left at our place and stay in Cebu. I knew i couldnt stay there because i have my family here. We still dont know when he can fixed his travel here and hopefully as early as possible.
I really need to rest tomorrow because i had been working so hard lately, i had been dealing with deadlines and all stuffs that i believe i need to rest. I knew the stress of the flooding has given me much headache and i hope by tomorrow i could have a good rest. Bear with me friends.