Friday, May 6, 2011

What a Wonderful day!

I have few reasons to celebrate. First, i am blessed with few tasks before weekend comes, second its the end of working days so i am excited for a good rest tomorrow though i knew i still have to visit a friend who invited me for a fiesta. But what i feel amazed about are the tasks that i was able to reserve while some are just give to me. I'm thankful because i was praying hard that i could have extra tasks this month because I'm saving for my grandmothers anniversary next month. Well, it means i will be busy tomorrow to work on my few online tasks. How about you guys, how was catching for fish these days?

Chronic Weakness

Are you tired or exhausted perhaps? Well its a normal scenario especially if you belong to a working class. I remember when i was still on the previous position, i was too exhausted to the point that i even had migraine everyday. The nature of my work was a big factor coz i need to supervise things in a 24/7 period. Until a time came that i really think so hard if i can last with this kind of set-up then i said to myself, i need to find a job where i can be happy and will make me healthy because my compensation would be so useless if at the end of the day, ill always finds myself in the hospital. If i haven't decided earlier i would probably dealing with chronic weakness because i always have the feeling of listlessness. I'm thankful that i have finally found a home where my work is such so rewarding and my health is never compromised.