Tuesday, July 8, 2008

life's moments

i heared from my teacher, wayback on my high school days, of that particular saying..
Indeed life is not about milestones, it about how you spend quality times together..
i just wanna share something about the death of my beloved lola..
whom at this very hour, i knew is in paradise with the Almighty
im sure of that....
She passed away, last thursday night, with a diagnosed - major organ complications
The family knew that our lola will soon be leaving as the doctor gave her only a few months
as her disease would spread on her entire body.We knew all along that major operations
would be so impossible since, she was already too old for that.Even she, herself said
that it would be best for her to go home, and spend time with us..
Since we were all busy with our respective works, we often find it hard to spend a talk
with her in each passing day, in my case, twice a week would be best, if we could be together
knowing the nature of my work and my location.
I often regrets now, why i didnt find time to even just tell her how much she's special.
i often regret that i havent tell her, that all this time im very much grateful
that i have a great lola, like her..
Now, i misse her presence, i missed how she was really a great woman.
She was a true sense of motherhood.She is really a woman of great honor.
I missed the way she cares for us, coz it all reminds me of her sacrifices
especially when we were studying..
But one thing i want to share to everybody else..
that i guesss and i believe that is important in our daily life..
is to learn how to value our loved one, be expressive and learn how to say i love u
even in the most simplest way, because life is not about the years we lived,
rather its about the moments weve created.....


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