Thursday, June 27, 2013

Uno Body Works Exfoliating Body Scrub Review

So my quest for a blemish free skin is a daily struggle. Thus, with the presence of whitening products and body scrub that promised for an effective output then getting the best and perfect partner is easy as 123.

So, today let me share my experience at Uno Body Works Exfoliating Body Scrub. I was able to try this product through a friend. She offered me to try UNO and she explained later the products, benefits and of course how this site works. I was honestly impressed since i've been hearing a lot of good words about this company, not to mention their sought after products which will make the business a little handy.

UNO Certificate

If you want to join UNO, you are offered a kit then you are also given free products as part of the package. Since this friend of mine just had her kit and that she has few products available, she offered me to try this Body Scrub. I was tempted to try since my friend told me that the scrub is quite different from the regular body scrub available in the market. You can see instant exfoliation and that it's not harm on your skin.

So, that day, i decided to get this and i forgot how much i paid my friend for this.

So when i went home, i was really excited trying this product. I was even constantly smelling this since i can sense that this will be a great skin partner on my end. The following day, i decided to skip my regular soap regimen and try doing a body scrub through this product. The first time i applied this to my skin, i can see few skin outer layer being exfoliated.I can feel having an oily produce after and i am really fascinated with whatever is being left out on that said application.

After which, you will notice a different layer being exposed after. I think the direction of using this states that you have to leave your skin for few minutes after application. Thus, you can do the rinsing after and using a whitening Kojak soap is recommended. 

Content: Kojic Acid, Papaya, Puenscrub, Vit A. E & C
Variants: Available in Blue, Yellow and Orange
Packaging: 220mL / bottle

The main benefiting component in body scrubs is that they ex-foliate the skin and thoroughly cleanses and refreshes skin deeper than regular soaps and body washes normally have the ability to do. This is both good for those with dry skin, as it stimulates the blood circulation and the production of the skins natural oils, and produce new healthy skin. For those with oily skin, bodyscrubs is an effective way to deeply clean

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Memorata Shoes by Celine: Is it Worth Grabbing For?

I talked one time to a friend and i told her that i am eyeing for Celine wedge. This friend is a fanatic of teleserye " Ina, Kapatid Anak. A hit local teleserye featuring drama anthology. I never realized or never knew at all that the cast of this local TV drama is promoting and using this top of the line brand, No wonder as it is quite pricey.

Been browsing at Lazada lately, i am honestly tempted to get a pair of this brand,

feature - Memorata Shoes by Celine

As seen on the hit TV series “Ina, Kapatid, Anak,” Memorata shoes by the popular brand CLN Celine are now available at the country’s online shopping mall. Browse Lazada Philippines and find beautiful designs of heels and flat shoes!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wide Array of Hotel Supplies

This post is brought to you by Peach Suite - Hotel Supplies and Equipment.

I worked as a front desk few years back at a prestige hotel in town. What i love about my job is the thrill and excitement whenever there are celebrities or popular politicians checking in. You get to see them personally and talk to them directly since they need to sign in some papers. Luckily, my duty was a week before the fiesta and the management organize a concert activities. Well, as a hotel staff, we were given the privilege to take photos of the guests and we were also given personal souvenirs.

That, after the fiesta, our housekeeper in charge was in chaos, why not? He has to make some double time in ordering some hotel supplies because the place was flocked with guests during that week. I am not sure where he gets our supplies but i do know that they transact with wholesale partners. Speaking of hotel supplies, for affordable finds you can check out Hotel Supply Online and browse for related categories. They have a comprehensive listings so it would be easier for you to find the best category appropriate for your needs.

Hospitality supplies for hotels, resorts and the  food service industry

Well, id like to recommend too this site since the latest hotel that we checked in is in a look out for Hotel Bar Supplies so im very much sure they need this valuable resource. Without much ado friends, if you are the purchaser or a decision maker of a certain hotel then go ahead browse for Atlanta Hotel Supply to avail of great discounts, wide array of listings and of course a one stop shop to visit. That's the real convenience.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Top Perfume Pick

Smelling nice is a perfect compliment, right? I'm sure we want to flaunt our new fume especially if it smells nice and good. I hate strong scents because of my allergy but i more want to get floral type or anything that smells good. My top choice vary but based on personal experience, here is my recommended scents and my personal favorite.

D&G disciple? me too and i swear i love this scent and stays longer than you expect. Your scent is remarkable too and it appears to me that this kind of fume offers classy and sophistication. Well, the brand speaks for itself.

 photo Photo-0416_zps635c8eef.jpg
One of my perfume collection
My second pick is familiar to you guys, this is one of my most kept collection of any woman and getting a spray of it completes your day. See here is my second top favorite perfume..

 photo Photo-0417_zps01ac1833.jpg
So, what's yours?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Productive Week

Finally i could say, i made the right choice for building up another home and living site, My Home Essentials and More is now slowly reaping a nice end. I just had a new DA that pays lavishly for an exposure in this site. Good thing too, i made a nice effort. At present, i am maintaining two sites for home and living and glad that no matter how lazy i am, i still can share valuable inputs no matter how limited my knowledge is to thsi craft.

So, how's you weekend doing? I hope you are in good mood and right attitude. As with me, i will be running few errands at the city later. I'd like to see up close and personal no other than - Coco Martin later at the nearest mall. Yay, enjoying my life to the fullest. So, happy weekend guys!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dress and Such: The Store to Love for Korean Fashion

I must admit, i love seeing a woman who dress well. A petite lady who wears a nice shorts and a wedge is something that is worth of a second look. Much more if you bumped into a Korean girl with a nice dress, you will surely take a thorough glimpse of her with admiration. True indeed, Korean ladies wear their dress pretty well and their body figure just compliments with their fashion trends and accessories. No wonder, a lot of youngsters nowadays are addicted to Korean wave, be it their songs or fashion world.

Speaking of korean fashion, i happened to love this outfit. Not to mention the fact that it the wearer perfectly wears this outfit but i think, the style is just awesome, what do you think?

Photo Courtesy of
If you love this style and outfit then better visit this online store that specializes on Japanese and Korean fashion. They offer a maze of offerings from clothes, dresses, bags, accessories and even cute lingeries. The price range are also awesome as you got to get it at an affordable price.

Here's another great find from the store:

This floral dress is just worth $7.80 and you got to pick few styles and colors.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How I Get Free Items at Halo-Halo Mall

If you are an online shopper then i think it's about time you pay attention to my latest find.

Heard about?


Okey, this online portal is a shopping hub where you can get any products, merchandise and pay it at your most convenient payment method. Like the rest of the shopping resource in the country, they offer speedy transaction and excellent customer service. Thus, most of their deliveries are through JRS Express. I am a certified online shopping disciple and whenever and wherever i am offered free shopping galore, i don't hesitate to try and mostly my lucks perfectly works for me.

So, this time around ill feature how my sister got a free shopping galore for us. Like the typical sisters, we usually share beauty and fashion talks. I think i influenced her in my online addiction and that, she tried giving an eye to Halo-Halo Mall. In one of our chit chat days, she told me that she won on one of the games she played at this site and eventually her points reached to 1000 which she can redeem any merchandise she wants. For a brief view, upon sign up at Halo Halo Mall you'll get 100 points and 1 pt equals 1 peso.

So, anyone who signs up at this site will eventually receive 100 points which means that when you purchase anytime upon your sign up, you'll eventually avail of 100 pesos off considering if you purchase immediately. Well, if you opt to play games then your points will increase eventually until you reached the points you desired and shop for stuff you like.

See sample below:

 photo untitled_zpsc35e6dac.png
See, its pretty easy and getting the desired points you want is just a drop of  a hat. So, moving on. My sister accumulates 1000 point just by visiting the site daily and playing the games offered and one fine day, she placed an order for in one of the stores. She got two dresses, one for her and one for me. So, lat Monday the items were delivered with no sweat, here are those:

 photo Photo-0404_zpsf71860c4.jpg

Another parcel is coming today, so ill feature it in my next post. Happy Shopping Guys!!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Avail of Beauty Savers from Watson

Visit your nearest Watson Store to avail of this Beauty Savers

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NYC Liquid Lip Shine Review

I am not into lip shine products because i feel the natural shine of my lips just looks better. I am more in putting lip balm first or anything as base protection before putting my lipstick. My former board mate taught me this daily routine. Since not all lips are compatible to any lip care products so i make sure that i have a base protection before putting any lip products.

Then, recently a good friend came over from abroad. She offered for a met up and that day, i was surprised for she handed me few beauty loots.She was also the one who sent me a package on my 25th birthday and a  make up kit complete with all beauty stuff are in one palette. That was really amazing since i don't bring with me few beauty stuff and the kit alone can transform you beautifully.

Going back, i decided to try this liquid lip shine product from NYC and since i am using a pink lipstick nowadays it really looks great when combines with this lip shine.

 photo Photo-0387_zpsf31fa536.jpg
NYC Liquid Lip Shine
I've thought this product is just one of the many lip shine products that is good only after few minutes of application. What i don't like about cheap lip shine products is it's sticky component. It's like it sticks on your lips and i feel so greasy. But then, NYC proves differently. When applied, it will combine with your lipstick color and radiates perfectly. It's also non greasy and just looks natural.

 photo Photo-0403_zpsdef4b9b9.jpg

Over all: It will gives you a beautifully shine lips.