Sunday, January 2, 2011

Your Chinese Horoscope

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Youll probably have a great year - rabbit, sheep or pig

excellent prospects for this year - Ox, tiger, snake and dog

Hold Back a bit - Rooster, rat, horseand monkey

Party party

I just came out from the church and headed straight to the cafe to update my blog and im glad its not that raining so hard. These past few days, the rain really pours so heavily that its so tiring to go out and roam around. Anyway, the new year celebration was over but the joy and happiness was not yet over. It was an awesome party last New Year's eve, participated by our neighbors, friends and relatives. We prepared plenty of game that made the party so exciting. IN fact we finishes eating and merry making about 5 am in the morning because of the videoke. Everyone was happy because of the small get together that we prepared. We had our drinking session outside and had also our barbecue there. It was great that i enjoyed it so much. I guess the next party will be the blow out of my sister which is graduating this April. Happy New Year everyone.