Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Time to park my finger already, been chatiing with lalabs and had a great time really, time to go to sleep and rest,,goodnight


I also received a good news from my beloved ate, she already engaged, after like a few years of waiting his right man has finally come. The guy is actually from Canada but a native of samar. he was a former seaman but decided to try his luck at Canada by applying for a job there, luckily he was able to ge one and due to bigger oppurtunity there he was able to put up a business there. Now he is a stable business man whose into trade and manufacturing. I guess my friend is so lucky to have him but he is more lucky to have God-centered woman like my bestfriend.

Orange Exfoliating Body Wash

Well my friend arrived from Manila, coz they had their annual convention there and when she return she immedietly called me up to hand down her gift which she bought from Manila. It was an exfoliatting wash from a well-known brand. I was a bit thankful coz i loved the brand plus the smell is so refreshing. Actually i love body wash much more than soaps, coz the latter makes my skin feels dry and itchy unlike body wash that sticks its smell on your body plus when you showered your flesh it realls smells great. To ate joy, a million thanks.


Just an update guys coz seems my absence has been so long that i have no update anymore to my friends online. Actually i was just a bit busy at home, we celebrated our fiesta celebration in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption, a lot of festivities were prepared and the highlights is the presentation of the Pasaka Festival which is the dance festival participated by different shools in town. So far, the celebration was really so great. On the last night there was a dance contest in tribute to the lat pop icon Michael Jackson.