Tuesday, July 1, 2008

rants and thoughts

"Yes..its really sad to belong to someone else
when the right one comes along"
-----how could you say, youre falling to someone else,
when your with committed to somebody else..
would you say, you just woke up, realizing that
he's not anymore a part of your dream,
or would you just tell him that..
you were not there to cath me
as i fall......

sulpicio updates

This is the picture of mv princess of the stars after the tragedy, as shown in the picture, the rescuing team would have a hard time getting the bodies of the passsengers considering the weight of the ship, plus they also discovered toxic chemicals inside. The search and rescue team decided to ask help form the marine experts as to how they would best rescue the passengers taken too into consideration, protecting the sea and to prevent oil leakage.