Friday, April 2, 2010


"The family that prays together stays forever", who could forget of the famous lines my teacher always reminds me of. But now its not only her lines that i adore most but more of the gratitude for having the patience to really teach us good moralls. Now i appreciate it, coz his teaching is a reflection of the faith in action. Through this, i have realized that its indeed true, our christian faith starts at the core value of the family. When u have strong foundation in your family - you will have great chance of cultivating and nourishing your spiritual life. Im just one of the few people blessed to have a great family. Though we have lots of imperfections, i myself is not perfect at all times, but im proud of the fact that they remain my inspiration as i walk thru this journey called LIFE.


Allow me to share with the homily of the priest a while ago, it was about the significant of the Holy Cross, at my twenty five years of existence, i never even bothered to ask to my parents what is the correct way of signing the cross, enough that i see my lola and my mom doing it, then i did it in my own way. Nonethless, one significant thing ive learned from the priest was the correct way of doing the signing of the cross,i couldnt help but smile because i myself seems to be so ignorant that i even flaunt on doing it at public, what i dont know is that im doing the wrong way, at last now i knew. Second thing, the priest emphasize was about LOVING SELFLESSLY, indeed its quite easier said than done.How could an ordinary human being love his neighbor and foregtiing his self, i guess none could do that. Only God. That is why many failed in LOVE because we use to create standards on what should be done and what should not. We base our standards on the give and take policy, seldom we base it on give and give. There is always the self factor in the picture. Who could afford to give his own self for the sake of others? Who could afford to take the pain without thinking of revenge? Who could afford to be kind when youre at the midst of being insulted? Who could afford to forgive even amidst trials and shortcomings? Who? but JESUS alone.