Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Improve Your Employee Evaluation

Improve Your Employee Evaluation Skills By Sharpening them like a Knife

Employee performance reviews can be a most difficult and stressful time for employee and manager alike.  In fact, they can be so painful that you may even feel like not having them at all.  But learning how to do them right correctly is part and parcel to their success. Proven performance appraisal techniques and practices do indeed exist, can be learned in the snap of a finger and effectively put to work by managers and supervisors alike. Grote Consulting has the proven expertise in performance management consulting to help your management team turn your performance appraisal procedure from a horrid once-a-year event into a valued ongoing process that everyone in your company can look forward to.  So go ahead, look into getting a performance appraisal.  And when you do, tell 'em Dick Grote sent you.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wonderful Monday

How was your day folks? I hope its fine and i do hope all your wishes for this day do come true. Yours truly is still stacked and busy at work. Hence, i was also busy writing my budget to the honey. He wanted me to email the list of medicines for my mom and how much it costs. We are doing our budget since my mom will go back again to the nearby city for her check up. Good thing, no serious stuff found on my mom's throats yet the doctor advised us to give her food the is rich in iron. My parents will then go back next month for my mom's check up and stay for quite sometime there. My dad loves it there, he often smile from ear to ear whenever he reminisce their trip together. He would let me feel envious while telling me how they had fun travelling, eating at luxurious restaurant and when they visited a ship which was so antique. Gracious, my mom and dad visited too a bar one fine night and end up going home so late. Maybe, its the perfect time for them to enjoy a little.If i can fix all my expenses, im planning to ask my honey to give them a surprise tour somewhere. I'm sure my hubby would support me all the way. Enough for now, Have a marvelous day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sick Me

While typing this update post, i am at the same time dealing with a runny nose while bearing a headache. This is the result of an unpredictable weather thet we've been having for a week. It actually started last night and the hubby told me to take some rest first but then when i woke up this morning, i just realised that the simple headache turned out to be a flu. How sad, since its kinda hard to perform some work obligations while having this not so good feeling. But well, if there is goodness about being sick, its the thought that my hubby is so worried. He would phoned me every now and then if i take my med and he would always check me from time to time. How lucky i am indeed.To my honey pie, thank you for all the undying love for me and the family. I love you so much and i will never get tired of telling that to you everyday.mwah!

Some Thoughts

A friend who is based in one of the hottest destination in town is hooked in Casino. Well guys, its not what you think thus it is responsible gaming. He would just visit the gaming halss when its his day off or when he felt he wanted to unload some emotional burden. Folks, a friend told me that when you give yourself a chance to play casino, your minds will also be refreshen but of course we have to bear in mind that everything has its limitations. LIke everyone else, i wanted to play such games and try the feeling of being hooked with poker or maybe a roulette. Do you know such games? I hope so,a friend told me how she enjoyed on roulette. Well, if you are curious about this game then head on to some valuable inputs and get to know its rules and some tips. I hope that would be a help to satisfy your casino curiousity.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Its Friday Again!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!, That's how weekend is. When Friday came, i couldn't help myself from getting excited since i could afford to sleep till lunch time or sleep again the entire afternoon. I could afford to watch movie till dawn and of course do everything i want on these days but the most important thing is pampering myself no matter what i do either by going out or just by staying at home, the ambiance and recharging myself is quite so much already. I knew how much i work so much notwithstanding how much i pretty sacrifice myself for my online portals and some writing commitments.

I remember a friend telling me that there will indeed came a point in your life that material things don't matter anymore. You opt to seek for intangible things like friendship, love and great company's. My sister is so much of a company, she is a buddy you cant afford to lose so now that she is busy with her review, i'm trying my best to just do something worthwhile just to address the boredom.These days i would always have time going out just once or twice a week just to delight myself once and for all. But its pretty nonsense going around alone coz i sometimes felt out of the world while i am envious on some people with friends or family. We used to bond a lot with my sister. IN fact, when she was still here, we would always have time going around and enjoying ourselves anywhere we want. We once visited some attractions at the local and pretty amazed how the unplanned tour happened. Amusing but i find sincere love and friendship with my ever beloved sister. Well, as they say, time flies so fast and before i knew it, she will be back and soon we would enjoy great travels together. Folks, you would find genuine love from your family members so don't ever take them for granted.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will I be Rich?

There's a 58% Chance You'll Be Rich

It's not a shoe in that you'll be rich, but the chances are greater than not.

Keep saving those pennies, and figure out a few ways to earn some more.

You know that there's no way to get rich quickly, and you're content to get rich slowly.

You just need to keep doing what you're doing for many, many years!

Mobile Casino Games

Each one of us has its fair share of secret vices, right guys? I love collecting mags and no matter how tight my budget is, i simply cant skip any mags from my hands. Others love to play their favorite games like poker and even some mobile games that are simply addictive, truly addictive. Well, have you heard about mobile casino games? I hope you did coz i am simply amazed of how marvelous the advent of new technology. Gone are the days, where playing on casino are on halls and gaming houses. Now, wherever you are, you can bet anytime in just a click of your finger. Much more now that mobile casino is of trend. If you would like to know more about subscription of such games then head on to laurenlace.com and start enjoying your casino at the comfort of your roof.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Customize Cartoon Labels

Perhaps, ive mentioned in any of my portals about my brother who just been employed and so far he is enjoying the daily routine of his job. He works in a national company which caters forwarding and transfer of goods. The company just opened recently so he was a bit lucky to be one of the pioneer workers of the firm. So far, the company's operation runs smoothly, In fact, they already have few clients a midst their status as a newbie in the place.They provide hauling for different hardware store in the local and supports trucking service to company who needs one. One of the main service is hauling and trucking service. With that, my brother normally encounters boxes of goods and other cartoons to be delivered to some stores. The brother noted that there are times where he can hardly see the cartoon labels because some are tampered and worst are wet especially those times were rain continue to pour. Cartoon labels are very important for any forwarding company to check if the box is fragile and to know too other details of the goods. He told me that he wanted to raise some concern to the company to make sure ordering shipping labels are properly filled up accurately as it is very essential to the accurateness of delivery.He also noticed that carton labels from Maverick Label are quite impressive and that if any of you is looking for cartoon labels then check out the best and the right manufacturers.

I'm pretty sure there are relevant resources on the net that could provide you the best label company. 

Awesome Prescription Savings Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As they say, Health is Wealth so its just right to give our health what is due for it. For instance, we should never abused our body and take a daily dose of vitamins if needed. Hence, everyone has its fair share of sick days so whether we like it or not we should be prepared for it. Indeed, Its not easy to pay for hospitalization bills especially if you are confined at some private and prestigious hospitals. I'm pretty sure it would create some broke days since medicines nowadays are charged at its least convenient price. Well, the good news for us consumers, if you would join Walgreens Prescription Savings Club then you can avail of special discount on your prescriptions. You can take advantage of this on more than 8,000 brand name and generic medications plus get a bonus when you purchase Walgreens brand products. Isn't this an amazing deal?

Walgreens operates operates in more than 8000 locations across all 50 states so you can surely use your special discount anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Just a $10 a year, all your immediate family members are being covered. For other queries, add Walgreens on Facebook or visit Walgreens on Twitter. This is the most fantastic offering of Walgreens, so take advantage of it while the offer is hot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Insurances You Need to Pay Attention

A piece of paper who offers you an assurance in case some things turned astray is quite a good investment. Yes, this piece of paper may quite be just a normal paper you deal with but for all you knew it, it will saves your day someday. Im talking about insurances guys. Im sure you have encountered agents offering you about certain insurance package. At some point, you are convinced to try investing into and maybe allocate certain amount of your pay check for your term life insurance. At a certain point too, you have realised how vital it is to invest on such long term plans because no one know what the future offers and before you knew it you regret the day you reject signing for a homeowners insurance. I wish everyones points of view is same as yours, i have a fair share of my tug of war on signing for insurance package. I knew how relevant it is nt only to secure some properties, education but most importantly my financial stability but im quite sure sooner or later i will be decided to which insurance package ill be availing with. For now, let me just take a thorough eye on the different insurance quotes available online.Who knows ill make up my mind.

Botanical Slimming Suppliment

Just an hour ago, i was sipping my favorite coffee. Its not just a typical coffee hence its a slimming coffee. My brother bought this box of coffee at home and asked me to try it. So far, i am satisfied with the result as it gives less appetite whenever i sip it before eating my meal. Thus, the only thing that i complain is its taste. Its not that bitter but its less acceptable by my taste. I think it has a little herbal suppliments plus other caffeine ingredients which makes it less tasty. Well, i wanted to try any slimming coffee and if it works on me, i will continue sipping it until im satisfied with my shape. Speaking of slimming technique, have you tried herbal suppliments? Im sure you did because its one of the most famous means of shedding out unwanted fats. Im pretty sure too that somehow some of us have been taking some for few years and hopefully you are satisfied with the suppliment you are patronizing.

Choosing the best botanical suppliment for the purpose of getting in to the right shape is quite a daunting task. The fact that not all suppliments works for everybody as every body has its unique needs, right? For instance, my bestfriend suppliment didnt works well with me but works amazingly on her, i often wondered why is that? Well, my research told me about metabolism fators and other digestion stuff that are instrumental in making any diet suppliement to work effectively. Nonetheless, my recent find is a botanical suppliment which is made up of natural ingredients like perilla frutescents exstract. Well, if you want to know more about meizitang then i urge you to visit cheapmezitang.com. Im pretty sure you will experience guaranteed satisfaction so dont daydream anymore for a perfect statistic, claim it and its only possible with meizitang.

Its More Fun at Home

Happy sunday folks, im up again for an update. Well, i want to greet first Kung Hei Fat Choi to everyone. I knew we will be blessed this year, lets just claim it anyway. My sunday turned out pretty well, Although, we just shared the table with me and the parents but invited some neighbors kids to eat with us. I just took a short nap after im done with some household chores. I asked someone to do my laundy, organize my room and headed to the market to buy some food. It was a fulfilled day for me and be going to the mass later.Hey guys, i was just smiling while reading this forecast of mine for this year..(crossing my finger)
Good career advancement. Love Life vibrancy with wedding bells chiming away, avoid excessive drinking.

Well, i missed my sister already. She sent me a message awhile ago and she told me that she wanted to go home already,hehehe. I understand the way she feels because we normally bond most of the time when she's here. Now, im just left alone going to the mall most of the time and eating alone. I mean, i knew its kinda hard but it will just be few months and before we knew it she done with her board exam. Whats important for now is she can finally do her last exam. Thus, tomorrow is a free day for me too. Im planning to visit a friend and i hope i can do it really, its been awhile since i last saw her and i missed her already. I still have some tasks to work on and here we go....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Find the Perfect Golf Driver

I am not a sports savvy kind of person. My brothers are and i am proud to say that they excel tremendously on their field. I certainly have figured that every man has unique interests as far as their hobbies and recreational choice are concerned. My officemate then is hooked in playing airsoft and he had his fantastic suits and few assortments of airsoft guns. I was awed by how these men waste some bucks just to have those sense of fullfillment while playing their heart's desire. Another friend is on golf. We all knew that this kind of sports is mostly played by people with matching bank accounts. Of course, its not easy to maintain a golf club membership, right guys? Also, the lawn and the golf driver doesnt just cost two to three figures, if you aim for quality im sure it will create a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, as they all quoted. Once you have the passion for any sports, money is never quantifiable. Well, if youre a golf enthusiasts then choose to get some quality merchandise than of getting some cheap knowck offs. Its nice to play with a material made of original and elite type.Check out custom golf clubs at any golf stores to achieve that long drive win.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Plans

So what are your plans this weekend? Ohh well, i want to visit a friend coz i haven't seen her for quite awhile. Im planning to pick up our grocery if ill not be lazy to go out. Let's see which of those plans will materialize. The reason i don't want to visit some malls because i will surely spend out of my budget and the hubby might freak out for my spending habits. Also, i have so many online tasks that needs my attention and i want to do it the soonest. Nah, no lazy bone this time. I grateful with my advertisers and i don't want to fail them or disappoint them. I figured some of those advertisers are my advertisers before and im glad for their reordering. So much for now, ill be taking my lunch as i have so many work to do too. Take care guys!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shots and Memories

We all want to capture every moments of our lives, right guys? I just cant understand but ever since im not the type who like to take photos even on some important occassions. My friend who was my former boardmate has passions on photography. She cant live without her camera and our bondings would never be complete without it being documented. As with my case, they would just tagged me or i would simply grab some photos of me. There was one occassion where i visit the studio and without any ado, i asked some personal souvenirs. Actually, i had it with me until now. Amazing, isnt it? We could always have souvenirs of ourselves in just a click especially nowadays of technological advancement. In fact, some camera offers an instant printing features which is indeed fantastic. However, if you own an old school camera then you could just have it print at some printing stores. Speaking of printing, id love the idea of making a personalised calendar for my room. I dont know how is that possible? Thus, i saw a fantastic printing service that offers huge dicount. Well folks, visit ConquestGraphics.com if you need bookmark printing, graphics printing, greeting card, brochure printing and even calendar printing. Does that help? I hope so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You're One In a Million

To my honey, i don't know if i deserved your love and trust and but i as i always promised to you - never will i do things that will hurt you in anyway. Thank you for wonderful relationship i had with you. Thank you for sharing my pain, my joy, my achievement and my bitterness too, sometimes. He has done something today that made me so touched. I figured, God has better plans on me and i want to thank HIM for picking up a man who deserved my love, trust and commitment. Thank you honey for all the love and understanding for the family. I love you so much!

Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Achieve a First Class Graphic Design Project

I guess ive mentioned in my previous post about my former boyfriend who is a graphic designer. I swear you will be amazed of his artistic output and ive seen so many designs which by far is impressive. I used to bug him to teach me how to do it. Well, i just knew editing some images on the paint kind of application and taking it to the next level will be an awesome move. Anyway, if you are a graphic designer or a wannabe someday then i guess you need to know about graphic design essex. The kind of team that works on essex are superb and produces world class imaging and photo editing. So for website administrators who needs the service of a graphic designer then worry no more because a graphic design company is just a click away.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Update

Happy Sunday Folks, im up for an update. Im actually just done finishing some tasks on my other portals and my day would never be complete if i will not share some update here. The usual sunday where we would prepare extra special food didnt materialize today because its just me and the brother at home. But it didnt stopped us from giving this day an extra lift especially that its a day after our usual payday. We agreed with the brother to try some sea foods and bought some desserts. Its kinda funny because we end up cooking a different menu because we were afraid to take some risks. At the end of the day, we are kinda fulfilled living just the two of us temporarily. I realised its kinda different when youre parents are there who would prepare things for you. We are not just used in waking up early to prepare breakfast and other minor stuff but now we take turns of working on some household chores. Well, i knew my mom and dad enjoy their travel.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A 10 Year Old Girl Gave Birth to a Premature Baby

Credit : newzwars.com

I still cant believe that a ten year old mexican girl will give birth to a premature baby. I mean what kind of world is this? Is this true? Just read the excerpt of the news:


A 10-year-old Mexican girl has given birth to a baby boy after a 31-week pregnancy, according to reports.

The premature infant, which weighed 3.3 pounds, was born by Caesarian section at the Women’s Hospital in the city of Puebla and is in the intensive care unit recovering from pneumonia.

The young mother, who is from the nearby San Francisco Totimehuacan community, has returned home after the procedure but visits the baby every day to breastfeed, officials said.

The Puebla state Attorney General’s Office is now investigating whether the girl could have been raped and who the father is, the hospital’s director Rogelio Gonzalez said, according to UpFrontNewswire.

Mexican state laws say young moms are unable to have abortions unless a girl can prove she was the victim of sexual assault.

The state’s minimum age of consent is 12 and women who undergo abortions in Puebla face a fine or prison sentence if they are unable to prove they were sexually abused.

The laws are currently under review.

The girl, who has not been named, arrived at the medical facility on Oct. 22, suffering from life-threatening complications, including seizures.

To continue reading visit - http://newzwars.com/?p=352

A "Me" Day

Im glad the hubby decided to give me a break and a deserved treat. If not him being persistent then i dont think ill call this day a "me" day. So, what i did? I paid first some bills that are on due and hear mass. I oftentimes plan of attending their 12 pm mass whenever i have plan of going to downtown but seldom it materialize because of some distrations.Today, i make sure i can hear mass and im glad i did coz i met our former school directress. A short chitchat and after which we decided to have a lunch together. It took us more than an hour to finished our lunch but im quite happy with all those short conversation. Right after, i checked out some new finds and bought few items that pleased my eye. Well, its kinda boring walking alone and i hate to do it if i dont have company. Speaking of being alone, we will be left alone with my brother this weekend coz my parents will fly to the next city for the Sinulog festival.Im sure they deserved the treat and im happy for them to enjoy this exciting travels once in a while.To my nanay and tatay, enjoy the trip and i knew theyre quite excited travelling together.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Sweet Honey Indeed

Ohh my, i am just so lucky to have a great partner. No matter how i hide from not telling me what ive been going through, he would find means to show his love and kindness. I knew it. Today, i got my deserved treat.Woot!. Thanks honey pie for being my dream sharer and my secret keeper. Thank you for not allowing me to think much and for making my life a wonderful journey. Mwah

Anyway, just a quick update.My honey was quite worried because i missed sending him a usual goodnight and i love you coz i was quite busy the past few days. Nahh, okey - im actually just testing him if he indeed loves me and if he missed me it means that he loves me and he cant live without me. True indeed, just a day of not texting him, he was so terrified that when he phoned me this morning i just want to tell him how he mean so much to me.God, i was just addicted to him being on me 24/7. He is there when im sick, he is my pillow when i simply needs a rest and he is my ear whenever i needed one. I never thought that i wuld really fall so hard to him. To my honey pie, i knew you just dont want to show your sweet side but everyday you dont miss showing off how much you love me. I promise to be your only girl and will never break it as long im at the right frame of my mind. I cant wait to share with you a night full of giggle and unending stories. I love 2012 because i can feel so many things that will unfold.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still Raining Tuesday

I'm still worried that a possible flood may hit again on our place. Gracious, been few days that the rain hits non stop which make me lazy to wake up every morning. But on the other end, having this cold weather is best to stay in bed and bond with your pillows and mags, right guys? I almost do it in a few days. I bought few magazines and open it when i do have time and so far i just opened two out of my five purchase. I still have few mags to while away my time. Anyway, ive done few errands before i went to work. I wired my sister again for her allowance and im quite broke as of today. Well, i have to page my honey to read this post but i guess i need not coz anytime this week i will surely get some from him. That's how sweet my partner is.I don't need to tell him coz often he would just surprise me with his kind thoughts even at my most typical day. Speaking of the latter, i kinda forgot to text him yesterday so when he woke up early last night (my time) he immediately phoned me if i was just alright. Poor honey, he is sick again hopefully he will be well soon. I sometimes teased him that just don't to take some vacay coz he has so many mouth to feed. (hehehe) which he would get mad coz he said my family is his family which make my heart melts big time.

Anyway, i have to start again writing few articles today. Well, i need to save few bucks for my sisters expense. So ciao now guys.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Update

How are you folks? It seems that i am again talking about nonsense post today. Well, i hope not coz aside from me having a blogging mood, i was definitely recharged after i slept for few hourse yesterday. I even forgot to text my honey last night so no wonder i got a call from him early morning. Anyway, aside from me being busy with my blogging portals. I am also concentrating on my new site. Its actually a article writing sites and i kinda loved making some reviews for few clients. The payment is very flexible. You can get your money weekly, once a month or just adjust it whenever you need it. I set mine every Tuesday so i need to work at least few articles a day so that i could get a fair share every week, not bad for a weekly expense, hehehe. Well, how about your guys? Whats your latest money making find?

Rewards on Credit Cards

So how do you manage your usage on your cards? Do you swipe it as often as needed or are you a smart shopper who just use this tiny powerful card if necessary. I wish im like yours that is hard to be tempted but being me, an impulsive shopper that i am since then. I cant just resist using my card even though i have extra cash. However, there are just instances that i am tightwad in terms of the things i fancy. Those times where i can weigh in rightfully the things i need for now and stuff that i shouldnt buy for practical reasons. Well, for quite sometime i become independent with the hubby but lately i just realised how i should learn to become responsible on my personal finances regardless of the ins and outs of my cash flow. In any case, i do avail of my credit cards rewards and was able to redeem a Timex watch. I had it once when i was in Cebu and because of the limited assortsments, i dont havea choice but to get the one for male and end up giving it to my former lover. But, isnt it amazing getting something from your passion? You can check yours by browsing your points or some online portals about best reward credit cards. Some company offers fantastic gadgets and stuff in exchange of the points you earned. So next time gals, be wise in shopping but never missed checking our your points.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thank God Its Friday

Good morning folks, A cold air seems to make my butt lazy but gladly i decided to come to work. I don't know but i have this feelings sometimes that made me lazy to go to the office. Anyway, the honey called up so early, he is checking out how was i doing. He is always like that all the time and do it few times a day. Despite us being kinda miles away yet we feel so close. We talked about almost anything that happened in a day. I hope his bill is not quite disappointing (lol). Now, i believe that a guy will do everything if he indeed loves you and if he has sincere motives towards you. I dont remember a day that he frustrates me although we have our own share of curve balls and the typical lovers quarrel but we do argue on instances about other people, about some decisions i forgot to tell him and about stubborn things i did that he eventually learned (hehehe). I actually cant describe how excited i am for his month long vacation this year. I decided the date so that i can fix my schedule. Been planning and scouting the best things to do and visit yet i still dont know how to start the planning. Im still not decided if i would let him visit my place or plan for a dine out together with my loved ones. I figured that sometimes the most important happening in our lifee needs to be private. Still by now, i dont have plans to disclose the date and the things that will happened this year. Its kinda nice to keep people guessing and they themselves would eventually learn in  due time. Have a blessed day guys.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Fusion Hair Extension

In one way or the other, our hair is our greatest asset. For women, a stunning long hair is a big plus while a clean cut for guys seems to impress ladies. Proper hygiene and right products that we used unto our hair gives it the stunning shine that we mostly adore.I have a classmate in my highschool years who has an adorable hair. It is long yet shiny. She said apply any conditioner nor have her hair treated in the salon yet when you take a glimpse at it, you will surely be awe of its marvelous piece. Honestly speaking, despite the many options you can avail for hair treatment, having a naturaly straighten hair will always deserves a second look.If i was born with straigh hair, there is no way that i will have my hair toughed by hair treatment procedures.

Well, we alwas have rights to our options and whatever your choices are and if it really gives you joy and satisfaction then go for it. For instance, you would like to get some lace front wigs or fusion hair extension then try it. Who knows, it can gives you your most desired satisfaction. In any case, i can observe most my friends from the third sex buys incredible fusion hair extension. I do understand how vital it is especially during pageants and i can attest how these hair pieces gives a fabulous look to the candidates.Have you ever watched them on stage? I hope you did coz im so sure you will feel overjoyed having them seen at their desirable shape.

Anyway, it has been a long day for me yet satisfied and thankful. I always make it a point to thank God for all the blessings HE has bestowed on me. I hope HE will not get tired of remembering me. I love you GOD, always.

For All The Love

Its a great day to start this year. I hope it will continue in the end. Today, i witnessed how my honey loves my family so much, more than i expect it. Just don't want to disclose the details instead i would just thank the Almighty God for really showering me with graces i never expect i will have.I will be off from work after lunch time to pick up some personal grocery. Later, ill pay some bills and my credit card. Ciao for now guys, Be safe.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On Binoculars

In less than few hours, the sister will be on its way back to her dormitory. Its kinda sad to see her leaving but we cant do otherwise coz its for the betterment of everyone. While the brother is already working, my fatner is the one at home with my mom. Thus, in the next few days, we will leave for vacation, to actually celebrate the festivity of Sr. Sto Nino in the nearby city. The father dont want to go with us since no one will take good care of my brother so they will just be the two of them left home.

I am kinda excited again to be part of the annual Sinulog festivity. Its one of the most flocked celebration among the festivities in the country. In fact, most tourist schedule their vacation on this date because of the awesome floats, lots of celebrities and amazing cultural dance presentation. Ive witnessed this event thrice and it will be my fourth time becoming a part of the festival. Last year, it was the brother and a cousin who came over and now it will be me, my mom and a fellow. Its not kinda hard to roam around since the brother has his own car and we can visit anywhere we want. I wish we could come over to Bosai because TOPS offers fantastic view of the land especially if you have Binoculars or any Spotting scopes. Well, i heard from a friend that there are Spotting scopes for rent there and i hope we could avail of one.

The Expert on Cloud Security

Good morning folks, yours truly is signing again to talk about some recent find. The holiday is truly a perfect time for us to scout, search and weigh in fabulous finds. For instance, it gave us a sole chance to look for a great dress, nice gifts and even home and living stuff that we just cant search during typical day. The reason? Well, on this season, most store conducted year-end sale and other sale promos. Who wouldn't want to purchase stuff at discounted price? Im a certified impulse buyer so i would love to avail of discount and sale promos is i could. Anyway, my recent find is about internet security. Im sure you're not novice to the world of world wide web, are you? You being a huge fan of social media sites is a clear indication how you are hooked to internet, right? Well, im going to share today about cloud security , Context aware security and SaaS. So, anyone knows any of these? These mentioned internet security are just few to mentioned software programs that keeps your internet browsing secure and guarded. With the viruses around,its a must to install a security software for secure browsing.For secure email and web getaway have your internet secured with zscaler.com

Shoutmix Free Plan Unavailable?

For some reasons, i love checking out some live chats. I came to see who dropped by and leave some warm thoughts. The other day, i was surprised to see it with no content instead it says " Shoutmix free plan unavailable". Quite surprised but i hope its not for good, hehehe. Free stuff are incredible but well if i cant avail it, ill look for other free shout mix widgets.

On the other end, i am already on my work doing some work stuff. Got the chance to update this bloggie so im doing it now. Had so many workloads as the result of the long vacation. I just received a surprise notification and i kinda loved it. To this, i also wish for a blessed day for everyone. Stay safe guys.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Its My Turn

Did i mention about my newly open site? If you've missed my post then i would love to invite you to my new site. Just posted my New Years Resolution and i hope you would leave some comments there. love to hear some good thoughts about you and maybe share some resolutions too? Why not? It is also open for link exchange so hope you'll leave me some good thoughts there. See yah

The Perfect Way to Get for Small Business Financing

I remember sharing on my posts about the plan of my man on buying the stocks of his partners. It came into a point that he no longer is satistfied with everyone's say on the company and since he started the firm, so he just offered for the most concrete options for everyone. He told me its never easy to decide to form a corporation especially if you dont know well the people you are trusting into. Its very vital that at least you sail in a common direction so that all your drives well be smooth sailing. I agree with all the things he said not because he is my man but on on core side of things, any investor would always wants the best for the company and the common good of everyone would always lie on the ability of each businessman to care for the future of the company. Good thing, i dont dwell on the investment side of the industry. My bread and butter touches the marketing and sales aspect so investments standards and policy are bit new to me.

On the upside, the recent development of the transfer of stocks is slowly progressing. He is already in the process of scouting for lenders who could finance his plans and investments. I knew its not easy to look for one since you do have to consider few things like the interest, principal annum, the monthly ammortization and other relevant factors which says a lot in the loan process. Buying on the idea of getting a financual institution who would give you the capital to pursue your plans is not an easy decision. Of course, its not easy too to apply for one because those people who have bad credit hsitory would most likely be rejected and aplying for huge amount of loans take few months to be approved considering the amount being bartered here. So, if you are one of those folks who is planning for an investment maybe in the near future then most likely i can help you in you in your search for lending agency. There are myriad of lending institutions to choose from depending on the amount of loans you are planning. For small business loans, you can apply for Small Business Financing while if you are planning to buy some stocks at some muti firm then perhaps you are eyeing for large business firnancing. A site called ezunsecured.com may offer you some relevant inputs especially on giving you a lists of some lending agency to apply for. Whether you are looking for Unsecured Line of Credit or Business Lines of Credit, they have them all stored for you. Your loan application is just a click away and matching a dozens of potential lenders will ultimately gives you a wide options for your investment and business endeavor.

Other valuable things you can see from the site are options for personal loan rates, new business loans, commercial loans and even lists of some business financing company.

On Men's Belt

I just remember a scene when we had our Holiday shopping. I was looking for some hair accessories when i noticed some glossy and stylish men's belt on some corner of the mall. Its the first time is saw such incredible find coz i always have this thought that men's belt are mostly dull and boring. Well, i was definitely wrong for this modern days, their fashion taste has also evolved. For men out there who want to try for a new fashion statements on the new year then a fashionable belt is a great add on. Why dont you try to mix and match your closet at the same time your belts, its a splendid idea.

Monday Meme

Hello folks, how was your day doing? Been sick for a day because of a some indigestion stuff but hopefully, i will be well by tomorrow as our work resumes. So how was the post holiday feeling? Do you have a great celebration? As with our family, we are totally happy and we had a super fabulous celebration. The brother has already left for work early morning today while the sister will be coming back on the 4th. She was not able to get a ticket because of the passengers season. The second day gave a super fantastic surprise. Its the first day of work of my brother and the latter is so excited and we are so excited too because its his first day of work. Blessings are on its way and it isnt just a claim, its God's rewards for people who have sincere heart, wink*

Well, the second day is already fabulous for us. I love it.I remember the talk show host quoting, its nice to start the year with smile and positive thoughts and i just did. Lets leave all our bitterness and frustrations on the cabinet and if you cant move on then bring your luggage back and pray to give you a clean heart. I figured so many hatreds brings so many bad luck and if you started the year with negative thoughts, it will continue in the end, scary,right? Let me start this by saying, some people are not worth of any attention, right guys? If you want to gain respect then have yourself respected and if dont want to be targetted then stop creating traps. Its that simple. Well, i read once that if a person starts to be bitter then its a clear indication that her shell is full of nonsense stuff and garbages. No wonder all that comes out on her thoughts reflects her personality, her breeding and the way she see her future. Flaunting others mistakes doesnt makes you any greater. Ohh well, i forgot you're perfect. Anyway, theres no need to make this post long because there is really no sense creating such thought for any person in particular. Just addressing some thoughts because i felt we need too and sometimes its best to give the person an own dose of medicine, right guys?

As my brother noted, there are unending talks and gossips when you hated the person simply because you matter to them but when you start ignoring the thought then it would just follow. I hope on the coming of the new year, people will just move on and minding for your respective business may take place. I am kinda enjoying a fantastic life now so i dont want to ruin it just by thinking of some not so good thoughts. But in any case, it always starts on us and because i am continually blessed and no reason to become a bitch, i will just ignore the people who dont have other business but always and almost a shadow of someone else life..hehehehe. To that, a tose to the New Year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Its been two hours passed and we are now changing our calendars. Hey guys, im blogging for my 2012 posts and i dont want to start the year with negative thoughts. First off, i want to greet all of you a blessed New Year, How was your celebration guys? I do hope you have had great time with your family. As with us, we are just done with our annual year end gathering and the exchange gifts among us were superb. There are so many people who joined the group than of last year. The programme started by candle lighting which was our way of showing sympathy and to condole with our folks from CDO. It was follwed by a numerous dance and song numbers then a lot of  parlor games. We were overwhelmed by all the people who came and participated because in one way, it does shows how our humble event eventually embraced by our close friends and relatives. With the party, comes our chance to give thanks to our Lord for all the blessings our family continously received despite some rough times that we often encounter.

With the coming of the new year comes some fears and excitement perhaps. Fear for some unexpected things that may happen and excitement because no one knows what the future unfolds. Nevertheless, with our prayers, we are always hopeful that we will be guided in our journey wherever our paths leads us. The years that passed seems to  bring a lot of memories both good and bad. It gave me so many lessons, realizations and acceptance. I have faced the fact that the world is composed of various people with varying personalities. My stay in my native place taught me few lessons i opt to keep in my heart. Partly, i realised that God will always do ways to let HIS will be done. For all those times that HE kept me guided, thank GOD. This same year, i came into terms with some facts that are hard to spell. I mean the experiences i had made me look back to the people who have hurt us and cause us few heartaches. To that, let the Most High gave them what they need to earn them the lessons they deserve. I always do believe in the right karma and whatever you do to your neighbor will always go back to you a hundred fold. Whatever you say and have said to others may cause some smile into your face but in due time i always believe in every fall back. We may have a lots of share of those painful words from people who choose to be insensitive but at the end of the day when you know where you stand, then you have nothing to prove because your enemies will never believe. At the end of the day, its not who wins on the number of times youve hurt others but it counts on the number of times you choose to fight when people wants you down.

2012 will be a long jouney. i always expect criticisms when we fall, smile when we got hurt, backfighting when we dont do well and perhaps gossiping when they learned our imperfections. Thus, i learned to embrace that without them we wont came out as strong family as we are. Maybe, in some ways they are the core reason why we keep our self motivated and without them knowing were a step away to the finish line. Thank you for the good times and Hope to have some fond memories in the coming year too. My prayer for a blessed year for you and your family.