Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Office Supply; THings We Should Know

I was assigned before as administrative officer and part of my responsibilities was to see to it that our office supplies are always available and at least all of the supplies needed by my office mates are available. I remember that one of the common problems we always encounter is the lack of coupon bond because we always have shortage of supply so what i did, i contact two suppliers and have them supplied us both every month, at least it saved us from future dilemma caused of having no coupon bond at all. Anyway, did you know that these stuff are very important for our everyday tasks, i mean i understand we seldom appreciate these little things, even these clips, card boards and even just these stick notes but if we really figure out they are instrumental in our work and achieving our tasks efficiently and effectively. For instance we hardly notice our waste basket because we think that they're just a stuff intended really for our wastes but when we missed a document that's very important that's the time we noticed this thing and thank God its their. Really, now i try to appreciate this little stuff that surrounds me everyday.

Its also a must that we should keep our working environment clean at all times, my boss does not like our tables to be messy because he believes that if one's office table is messy that means one thing that he does not do his job well coz being organized means organized in his/her work too. Keeping my table form those scratch papers is really so hard especially if you have lots of things to do everyday, so what i normally do i always have stick note and clips and before i start my day I take note on the things i should do from the very important to the least important tasks and followed it accordingly. Well you should have strategies in mind to have a SUPER office supply at work. At least this will make u organized and makes your job handy at all times.