Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

Too much has been said already both prints and broadcast media, but the bottomline here is the brutal massacre that were done to the victims and yet until not those alleged 100 armed men that killed almost 60 innocent lives were not yet invited for proper due process, how many days already since the crime was been commited but until now those evidences and crime accesories were just mere places on the table, if it were true that the Mayor of that said town was the mastermind of the crime, why didnt the government invited all the private armies and other gunmen that are in full circle of the mayor coz for sure one of them or maybe all of them were all in accesory of the crime. Its just sa SAD that even that backhoe that was used to grave the bodies of the victims which was owned by the provincial government which was exclusively seen by the investigators when they arrived was really set aside as the main evedence that really the provincial government has something to do with it. Its a leading evidence to the mastermind of the terrible and worst crime ever happened here. First they should investigate whoever is in charge with that said backhoe as to who was officer accountable for the release and monitoring of that said thing. Of course that government property cannot be used outside without the permission of the in-charge, very obvious. Secondly for that back hoe to be used to bury 60 innocent lives is really a big thing, the operator, the provincial goverment should be investigated with that matter. As to the update of the case, i knew its really so sensitive to discuss matter with no legal basis, but for a concerned citizen like me, i really condemned the killing and thru this small means i want to shout to my friends and visitors that really the governent should take inititiative with a definite timetable to solve the case the soonest possible time. Coz if until now theyre still on fact finding stage, really our justice system is deteriorating. If political power and influence really matters here, i guess we really cant expect justice to those innocent lives buried like garbages.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Marriage Vows

Youll surely be shocked why i post this stuff, maybe youre wondering if i will be wed soon, or just an idea of marriage may come along on this post. Its entirely no connection or whatsoever. Last night i just happened to read on a magazine an article entitled, Revelations of Happy Couples Finally revealed and its really so much inspiring, i happen to read about the different vows of happy couples, they were personally written by those couples based on their experience and the memories in it. Its so heart warming and inspiring to read those stuff, i mean there was a vow which made me so cry, the vow says " ill be forever grateful that you have chose me to be your wife and the mother of your children" it was indeed so touching, i mean not all women are so priveledged to be wed in the church and not all girls have their partners in life, for him to be able to commit himself with you for the rest of his life is such a wow. My friends often adviced me to pray my relationship always so that God will guide my decisions and of course make him the center of your life. I am not an exemption of those women dreaming to walk down the aisle too. If only finding the right man can be as simple as finding a job then i guess i have found mine but because life is about a battle, about pain, a mystery which you have to work for everyday to finally revealed the answer, then ill surely say that the man ive been waiting for in the aisle is still not yet revealed, though i can see a shadow of him but in time God will finally revealed as to whom ill say the sweetest vow of my life.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Travel - Cebu city

heres some of our pictures during the travel:

Rainy Monday

Its a rainy monday here in our place. I love to stay in bed and sleep the entire day but i need to report to the office and in a few minutes ill be there to finish some reports. Well i did had a great weekend, as usual i njoy it with my family and nephews. I didnt notice that some of our neighbors already put their respective christmas lights, no wonder when i went outside late last night i noticed that our place was well-lighted plus some has thier sounds. But no matter how close the christmas season, my heart is still longing for my honey, i dont know where he is right now, he told me he will just be in china for like 10 days and be back here, but anyway its not yet ten days since he leaves but i missed him terribly already. He said his phone did not work well in china thats why he was not able to text me. But im crossing my finger that he will back the soonest and be with each other arms in a few more days to go. To my honey, though i knew youre a bit in doubt as to why i did not go online the last time we agreed to chat but just want to let you know that i love you so much and nothing has change, like what ive stated in my card, i may not always tells you how much you mean to me but wherever you are ill assure you that you are always in my heart and no one could ever get u

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Property Management

My peer are always busy, we dont even have time to chitchat and finds time to update each other lives like we usually did before. One reason of their hectic schedules is their appointments with the real state agent. They're actually trying to get a unit in one of the subdivisions in town. Theyre already complaining that paper requirement are really a headache, theres some assesment, tax requirements and all those stuff but what is worst is they've found out that the owner of the said subdivisions are not that accomodating, they just leave it to them to settle everything. If owner just knew about RPM, im sure they will not have hard time managing their properties and of course they have a great partner in their business solution.

RPM midwest has received "Franchise of the year and Honorable Mention award" and the fastest and growing property management company. Real Property Management help owners rent their places quickly, they collect the rent, inspect the properties 3 times each year and they cover the eviction - if need arisses.
This is the best RPM company ive ever known, might this one work. Ill tell this to my friends on the real state world.

Great Sunday

Sunday is family day, as always. Like usual its a great day for us. I had my manicure and pedicure done right after i do my laundry but too bad rain is kept on pouring o i cant hang the clothes outside but im crosing my finger cross that by tomorrow my clothes will be dry. My family and I had movie marathon all through out the day with popcorn as always, my favorite but my sister i insting on going out on robinson so that we could watch the twilight - the new moon. I tols her it going to be a full house since it has jut been a few days ago the movie was first shown. Anyway, it going to be few days more to go before Christmas and i am already excited about it. Love to see wonderful lights on the street and colorful Christmas trees, i guess because of financial crises only few homes have managed to put Christmas lights outside their home and even the christmas songs, i seldom hear it. But whats more important the spirit of Chritmas is here and its present everywhere.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time Travel Forum

Whenever i have queries on just anything i cannot fully understand, i mostly tends to park myself with forum, you could see me registering all those forum sites. I always post questions so that members could reach out to me easily and in just a click i could have my answer immedietly. And to help you out on your futher dilemma, i recommend that you visit a time travel forum HDRKID Time Travel Forum, a forum about astral time travel. Im sure youll love to post and join forums with thousand of members. The moderator is very friendly and accomodating and youll surely finds your self enjoying and participating there.HDRKID is a forum on 4th dimension, it has over 25,000 members and still growing everyday. HDRKID is not only your typical travel solution but its your buddy in creating communities. See you there!

2012 movie

When i was in cebu i had the chance to watch the movie "2012", it was indeed a great movie and one of the best movie i ever watched. Its all about a story related to the end of the world. As Nostradamus has predicted its by December 21, 2012 that the ends of this planet will happen and as supported by the scientist, there will be an explosion that might happen after a comet might come in between our sun and the planet earth, this has a great effect as far as the gravity is concern and will result to heavy and massive floods. Its really a sad story and scary too coz youll absolutely see a lot of people dying and the way our dear planet will turn out to be like an ocean. Theres also a part of the story wherein a daugther bid goodbye to his father and just like everyone else its about expressing how much they value each other that could be heard until their last breath. Somehow it teaches a great important lesson to mankind, first to value our environment, learn to take good care of mother nature, second to express our love to our loved ones while theyre still alive and lastly we should not forget that we are just all temprary here, nothing is permamanent in this world and that our existence should always be a reminder that GOD exists and that if theres a beginning theres always an end. The most that we can do is to be prepared, not on material possesions but on our spiritual life, whatever the date of our end, we fear no one coz God is with us, we carry HIS promise on "whoever has faith in HIM will be survived"

The Meeting

Finally after 3 years of talking and loving each other, my lalabs and I finally met up last friday at cebu. It was such a sweet and unforgettable experience, At first I was so afraid and hesitant to meet him but afterwards i decided to really do it and set aside other thought. I was right, he was so good and nothing has change, he was still the same man i am dreaming of and im thankful that our dreams of finally meeting in person did came true. It was such a great memory for us and a great achievement for the relationship. First because after almost 4 years of waiting and 3 times of attemts to meet up, finally the much awaiting day came. I never thought i will love him much more than this, much more that i didnt really think that destiny plays really a big role in us. I am right that he deserves my love and what is important is that i dont have any regrets on that day. He was such a simple man that i adored so much from the start, and i guess all the questions and doubts has been set aside because he is such a great man. He is one of the few persons worth remembering in my life, wherever our paths may lead us, i cannot simply forget the man ive talked for 4 years, the same man who have shown understanding and patience in my stubborn and bratty days, that same great man who have shown me what true love is. Until this very day, i can still remember his sweet hugs, his warm breath, his sweet gestures, his lovable smile, our nonsense stories, our adventures, the way he holds my hand, the way he kissed me in the forehead to always reminds me not to worry, the moment he puts food in my plate first before he gets his own, the sincerity of his eyes, the compassionate kiss and most especially his greatest love that i wouldnt trade for anything in this world.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It

yesterday i watched MJ's documentary film entitled "This Is It", ive thought its going to be a docu-drama film featiring Michael's life and his achievement, in a way a tribute to the king of pop, nevertheless the film really did a great job in offering a special presentation of a never seen rehearsals of Michael Jackson to his supposed to be concert before he passed away. Until this time its still fresh from my mind how the king of pop really creates a special place in my heart as his fans, he is en excellent performer, a great artist, a versatile performer. so professional and nonetheless, its no wonder he is so loved by his fans because he brings back the love to his audience, no matter how popular he is, he has no attitude problem, he is entirely so different from what is written in the news about his attitude. I love the way he reach out to the people and i admire him for being an environmentalist. A two hour film was for me not enough in bringing back the memory of the king of pop, as the show ends, i saw several people clapped their hand in showing their appreciation to the greatest performer this world has, i choose not, because i dont want to end his memory in that movie theater, i look forward in seeing a lot from him in the next years to come and i reserved my clap for that.

Happy Sunday

Hope you have a great sunday guys? any plans for today? or just family getaways? well as for me, i will just stay at home and have movie marathon, its my way of relaxing for a week stress, isnt it good to just stay in bed and relax your mind, pamper your body by massage or even foot spa, wow what a great experience, every saturday i always make it sure to have a body message, just to stretch my veins and you knoe pamper yourself as i am so prone to stress and pressure every week. Well its like 47 days to go before christmas, time really fies so fast, and before we knew it we are changing the year already, im sure its going to be an exciting christmas season for my family, hope in yours too...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

He is Back

A surprised call change my life, My honey called up last night at least to let me knew that he is always there. He is indeed a good man and i knew he loves me so much, i couldnt explain really how i feel when he reached out to me, though i knew we had a great fight but still his love dominates, and we finally talk. Love u baby

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brokenhearted Me

"But i dont think time will gonna heal this broken heart, a million miracles cant stop the pain"

Pain is bearable if you will just think that God puts perfect timing for everything that is in accordance with His plan. Trusting HIm is the best thing to alleviate heartaches and broken hearts. Yeah, it is supposed to be what i should do, to divert my attention, my thought, my emotions and everything thats making me completly insane. Lossing him doesnt mean the end of the world, coz letting go someone you love means a new begining, a hope for a happy ending. Despite this emotional roller coaster and the unending what if? that's troubling me, isnt it desirable to ask - what is? Maybe goodbyes is really for the best, maybe creating two roads will make us grow, will make me a better person and maybe letting him go will bring him the happiness i couldnt gave at all.
For almost four years of being "us" sadly its now me and him on separate lives. Accepting the fact that its over is so hard and difficult - far painful than the definition of word. He was already a part of me, He was already in my heart, in my soul and all throught out of me. I have lots of regrets that i missed some chance with him and now that im ready to take a chance with him, but its too late to make up things. I want to hold on....
The laughter, the sorrow pictures of us, fading to memory...............

Thats What Love Is For

This song is for the greatest man i ever met in my entire life, This is for u.

Believing in the one thing
That has gotten us this far
That's what love is for
To help us through it
That's what love is for
Nothing else can do it.
Round off the edges
Talk us down from the ledges
Give us strength to try once more
Baby, that's what love is for

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It a fine All Saint's Day for me and for my family. We attended the 10 am mass at the Catholic Cemetery and together we visited the graveyard of our loved ones and that includes my grandmom and my youngest brother. Yes, our brother who was still 1 month old died but that was like 15 years ago if im not mistaken. He was still very innocent and yes he still an angel when he passed away. I remember, a few months ago after he passed away, we always heared a noice of a baby crying in our house. One night when my parents was really so asleep. i was awaken by a noise of a baby crying, i am really sure it was just a few meters away from our bed, i feel he was on our doorstep. I couldnt sleep that entire night coz my heart was beating so fast not because im afraid but because i feel my brother was there, missing us. It was so horrible that until now, that experience of mine has been with me though how many years already has passed. Until now i miss the baby brother we once had, coz im sure if he still alive, he will be the baby our family has longing until this very day.