Thursday, August 9, 2012

My $50 Price...Submit an Entry Now!!!

I knew i should post more often here but apologize folks since i am in between office and personal errands. Plus the fact that i just recovered from a bad flu, so i intend to take care of my health pretty well. Of course, i will give credit to my loving partner for taking care of everything so this blogger was able to get rid of bad cough and worst allergy. So im so back and it had been awhile that i shared some great news and i also forgot to update my dadoftheweek price, so without much ado. Id like to take this chance to thank the admin of dadoftheweek for the price and hopefully i can submit more entry.

Its easy to join guys, just submit an entry as to why your dad needs to be voted. An article or a video will do. I am not still sure if they provide incentives now for just submitting an entry, well, i could be a great help if you want some easy $$ now. Go ahead, check