Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Katrina Negative For Drug Test

Just a few minutes ago, the Philippine Druf Enforcement Agency issued a statement regarding the result of the drug test of Katrina Hallili. It turned out that Ms. Hallili was positive for any illegal drugs in her body, not only for ecstacy but all kinds of drugs, the officer quoted. At that same day, Dr. hayden Kho was also at PDEA office for her turn for drug testing however there was no result yet, hopefully they will release the result soon.


I really missed my boardmates on my former boarding house. Luckily, she texted me this afternoon if we could have dinner together, i hurriedly finish my work so that i could be able to meet her up. We ate at Jollibee and thereafter we hang up at the ukay-ukay at the downton, The fiesta is fast approaching that is why there are lots of barratillo at the city, they said theyre from cebu. In fairness, there stuff are good and cheap, just last week i was able to buy a nice pair of ladies shoes for only 100 pesos, its so stylish and fashionable. Hopefully we could visit there this week again, just to see what i can buy there.

Alarm Clock

I just bought an alarm clock today because i feel i always woke up late.hmmm, this time i want to discipline my sleep, im planning tomorrow early morning i will jog at the city. I was able to but too a stylich ballpen, a ballpen holder and a headband. Theyre just so cute that i was tempted to buy,,hayyyst..Girl thing indeed!