Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My honey Pie

Im so happy now, that at last my honey pie mailed me back, i really miss him na so much. and all this time what i just want is for us to be ok, thu i knew its still be impossible by now, but God is good, in Gods best time, everything will be ok.
I really love him so much.

Im in Calbayog

..yeah thats right, im currently in Calbayog now to attend the rotesserie opening and it was indeed a tiring trip, there roads were not cemented yet and still the travel is so disapponting.
Its few days more to go before Christmas and thu i can hear the carollers at street, the spirit of Christmas is always there but because of my heavy loads, i seem to forget thats its two more days to go before the birth of our Saviour.
A very merry Christmas Everyone!