Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bountiful Day

I have so many resons to celebrate with fireworks this day. Well, i was given a bunch of tasks to work on, i won the 7th place for the best product reviews in a certain site and lastly, we had a great talk over the phone with my hubby. He was wondering why i wasnt able to answer his call last night, poor hubby he was waiting for me to answer when i was sound asleep because i was so tired. Good thing he just called up this morning. My sister is indeed right, i am deeply in love with him. May i just share some brief conversation with my sister yesterday, she was asking me if i am ready to settle down and i i truly love my man. Without a pause, i said yes and she believes in what i say. I asked her if she honestly believe in my reply and she said "yes", when i asked why, she replied " because the glow in your eyes shows"..Its indeed true.